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Men from health problems, the cultivation of good habits five

Updated: Monday, Nov 03,2014, 4:53:06 PM
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Factors of the current threat to men's health is increasing, stay up late, smoking, drinking, these unhealthy lifestyle is the modern male killer. All kinds of men's health problems occur frequently, the situation of frequent. Regarded as the "backbone" of career and family men, should be more care of their health, in a good mood, the harm brought to mitigate the adverse factors.

Experts suggest, men to get rid of health problems, in addition to quit alcohol limit, ensure the rest, also should cultivate good habits five:

To lighten the pressure

Looking for the source of pressure, minimize pressure generation; can not avoid the pressure, can be taken to pour out, running mode, the negative emotions fully untangle, let the heart be more buffer space.

Adhere to the appropriate exercise

Autumn and winter season should choose a smaller range of motion, heat consumption of a large aerobic exercise, such as walking, jogging, swimming, cycling long distance slow, dancing etc.. Moderate intensity exercise can stimulate the nerve cells, secretion prompted the happy messenger "dopamine", at the same time to speed up the body metabolism, strengthen the body immunity.

Reasonable diet

Obesity, diabetes, hypertension and other chronic diseases are "start with the mouth". Learn to diet regimen, three meals a day should not only ensure the quantity, but also pay attention to quality, develop eight saturated multi eat fruit and vegetable habit, many choose fresh, local, seasonal food.

The importance of self health management

Arrange a health examination and health assessment at least annually, the danger signal alert body there. The establishment of a health records of individuals and families, health maintenance under the guidance of experts.

Cultivate good habits

Have regular meals, drinking quantity, timing getting back up, at the same time to exercise regularly.

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