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Low blood sugar factors

Updated: Wednesday, Jan 27,2010, 4:01:45 PM
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(1), insulin dosage is not too much or condition improves insulin promptly reduced.

(2) Since the meeting, to go out to visit, call it a day later consumption of food or snacks and other reasons to delay than usual.

(3) The volume of activity without a corresponding significant increase in food supplements or reduce the insulin dosage.

(4) The reduction in food intake, no corresponding reduction in insulin and timely.

(5) the ratio of improper injection of mixed insulin (PZI more than 1 ~ 2 times the RI) and the amount of large, often more than urine during the day and night low blood sugar.

(6) the role of insulin is not the strongest moment in time prior to eating or snacks.

(7) have been relatively intense emotion from time to relaxed and happy.

(8) appears ketosis, the insulin increased, while the decrease of food intake.

(9) PZI dosage too.

(10) aggravated low blood sugar drug.

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