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Long to eat apples people have such wonders

Updated: Wednesday, Sep 07,2016, 2:48:25 PM
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Apple is a common kind of common fruit, believe that apple is a lot of people love to eat, and that long-term eating apples have what advantage? We all know that with fluid, lungs, phlegm, heat, appetizers, hunger, heat, etc. the utility except the hangover drunk. Then follow the small series together to see what the long-term effects of eating apples!

Eat apples have what effect?

1, often eat apples can achieve the effect of reducing the abdomen. Because apple contains essential amino acids, protein, various vitamins, minerals and carotene, etc., can basically meet the needs of the human body, but also easy to digest and absorb.

2, often eat apples can achieve effective protection of the heart of the role. Eating apples can help dissolve blood vessels leading to heart disease culprit - thrombosis. University of California at Davis research shows that eating two apples a day or drink a glass of pure apple juice, can reduce blood cholesterol levels, prevent arterial embolism.

3, eat apples can achieve the whitening effect. The crude fiber in apple can promote gastrointestinal function and creep, rich in iron, zinc and other trace elements, can make the skin smooth and shiny, play the role of beauty.

4, often eat apples can achieve the role of delaying aging. Apple is rich in magnesium. Magnesium can make the skin rosy sheen, elastic, anti-aging.

5, often eat apples can delay memory decline. Researchers at the University of Lowell, who has slowed the decline in memory, found that drinking two cups of apple juice a day can stimulate the body to produce more acetylcholine, the lack of Alzheimer's disease patients.

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