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Lack of sleep may affect cardiovascular disease of human life

Updated: Friday, Nov 07,2014, 5:07:53 PM
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The weather is cold, stay up late to work overtime, excitement over, lack of sleep are risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Wake up every day and always feel sleepy, even slept eight hours also yawn constantly, there are a lot of staying up late to work overtime, in the long-term lack of sleep state probability of people suffering from cardiovascular disease is increased. The lack of sleep often flustered or slow down the heart of the phenomenon, the expert reminds the heart can get sufficient rest in adequate sleep, to guarantee the normal function of heart. The long irregular work and rest, lack of sleep makes a lot of young people in the sub-health state of the body, if suddenly to participate in strenuous exercise or emotional over excited, is likely to lead to sudden death. Lack of sleep has become one of the important factors to cause cardiovascular disease.

The long-term lack of sleep, difficulty falling asleep, easy to wake, insomnia and dreaminess cardiovascular patients in particular should raise vigilance, lack of sleep leads to the possibility of elevated blood pressure is very big, a lot of Gu patients because of lack of sleep caused by heart disease and stroke. If sleep less than 5 hours, because of the risk of death from all causes will also be increased by 70%, while the itself of cardiovascular disease patients thus occurs the probability of death has more than doubled. If lack of sleep time to 5 days, the heart function will be weakened, increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. The long-term lack of sleep and people's living habits, but also from the side shows that modern people are too busy life and the pressures of modern life.

Effects of sleep deprivation on women's health more. Lack of sleep can lead to a rise in the index factors of cardiovascular risk, this effect is more obvious in women. "IL 6" index, sleeping 7 hours a day than women who slept 8 hours were much more, but "ultra sensitive C response protein" less than 5 hours of the female body index value was higher than normal in a day of sleep.

High blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, gastric ulcer, aging and mental diseases are associated with lack of sleep related to take off, lack of sleep is the main cause of death in patients with cardiovascular disease. General should be maintained every day for eight hours of sleep time optimal.

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