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Is hyperglycemia in children diabetic?

Updated: Tuesday, Jul 11,2017, 7:20:36 PM
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Detection of high blood glucose does not mean that children suffer from diabetes, but the risk is very high, if not dealt with in time, the child is likely to appear in various complications of diabetes, and even acute coma. Hyperglycemia and diabetes High blood sugar refers to higher than normal blood sugar levels, is a manifestation of abnormal glucose metabolism. Diabetes is because the human endocrine system abnormalities, resulting in the ability to metabolize sugar "out of control", eating sugar can not balance the metabolism. While high blood sugar means high levels of sugar in the blood of people, diabetes can lead to high blood sugar, but high blood sugar is not necessarily diabetes. High blood sugar may not be the standard for diabetes. Normal fasting blood glucose 3.9-6.1mmol/l, 2 hours after meals normal value of blood glucose is less than 7.8mmol/l, while the diagnostic criteria for diabetes is fasting blood sugar more than 7.0mmol/l, 2h, more than 11.1mmol/l of blood sugar. For blood sugar between the two, for pre diabetes, many obese children are in this period. The school physical examination as the hospital examination strictly, some children did not reach sufficient conditions in the fasting blood glucose testing, such as not fasting, two hours after a meal to eat snacks and so on, are likely to appear blood glucose measurement uncertainty situation. If the child finds high blood sugar, parents do not worry, first take the child to a professional hospital for diagnosis, and then do the next step. How should parents cope with high blood glucose levels in children? 1. find the source of high blood sugar". Parents are advised to take their children to the hospital for a thorough examination. The root cause of high blood sugar is error measurement, diabetes or pre diabetes. 2., if the child belongs to pre diabetes, blood sugar is higher than the average child, but has not yet reached the standard of diabetes, parents should take timely measures to bring the child back from the road of diabetes". For example, diet control calorie intake, balanced nutrition, overweight or obese children to lose weight, and children together to exercise, improve the body's metabolism of sugar. 3., if the child is high blood sugar caused by diabetes, it should be clear whether the teenager is type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Children with type 1 diabetes must control their condition through insulin, while adolescents with type 2 diabetes should see measures of their blood sugar levels. If confirmed, the child blood glucose more than the normal value, the best under the guidance of a doctor to use drugs (insulin or oral medicine) to high blood pressure down, the blood sugar stable after stopping or reducing the drug, while using the method of diet and exercise therapy. After a period of observation, according to the glycemic control, decide whether to use the medicine or not. Because the child is still in the growth period, if controlled well, the child is expected to get rid of drugs and return to normal life. 4., children with high blood sugar are more likely to develop diabetes and other chronic diseases, compared with other healthy students, regardless of their short-term blood sugar or diabetes. Parents should pay more attention to their children's diet, exercise and physical examination, and cultivate healthy living habits of children.

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