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Hypoglycemia is dangerous

Updated: Wednesday, Jan 27,2010, 3:57:30 PM
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The brain's normal operational needs of the 3000 elements: oxygen, glucose and adequate blood pressure, are indispensable. The body's other organs can rely on their own store to run a variety of nutrients to maintain, while the functioning of the brain can only rely on glucose. When the blood sugar shortage, the people will feel flustered and hunger. At this point, epinephrine and glucagon will come out and raise blood sugar levels. Patients with diabetes, such as repeatedly experienced low blood sugar, or constantly being neurological damage, elevated blood sugar lose self-reflection function, unconsciously, the brain will be due to lack of blood sugar plunged into a coma. Seriousness of the problem is that continued low blood sugar will bring about irreversible brain damage.

Diabetic patients from the failure of the phenomenon of the brain associated with low blood sugar level, it should not be difficult; difficult is that someone unconscious, you do not know what the diseases caused by. Stroke, epilepsy and paralysis of the brain are likely to make people suddenly fail. Low blood sugar than the above situation is even more dangerous because it may cause life-threatening respiratory dysfunction.

Therefore, hypoglycemic diabetic patients adhere to treatment, we must always pay attention to his blood sugar will not drop too low. Also need to be reminded that in line with medical therapy, may wish to inform the doctor of your idea to attract the attention of a doctor. For easy to hypoglycemia in patients, diabetic patients carry the best cards to let others know you are easy to hypoglycemia, with a view to a timely rescue.

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