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How to treat verruca plana

Updated: Friday, Jan 15,2010, 3:16:52 PM
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The occurrence of verruca plana more common for young people, predilection sites for the face and back of the hand, affecting beauty.

Flat wart is generally slightly larger needle to a grain of rice or flat papules, were round or irregular in shape, slightly above the skin surface, but also significantly formed dome-like protrusions. Smooth surface, state clearly, touch the hard, is light brown or gray, yellow or normal skin color. Most dispersed presence or dense clusters, and some convergence or scratches along the strip was distributed. Usually no symptoms, there are micro-itch. Occur in the face, forehead and back of the hand, may also occur in the wrist and knee. Most of symmetry, the number of variable. Sometimes common warts exist. Can be self-healing, can relapse, the prognosis does not leave scars.

The simplest treatment of verruca plana folk method is to use traditional Chinese medicine rubbed warts surface Brucea Jen; or take Yiyiren 30 grams, Shuijianbi.

On the existence of flat wart a small number of dispersed, inter-plane painted with Brucea Jen, but also added 100 grams of distilled water with 5% antimony potassium tartrate liquid dispensing wart surface to surface of the skin blister stops, and then spread the boric acid talcum powder to facilitate their dry scab, scab off Jiyu. If a relatively large number, but also in batches.

For warts hair more patients, can also be used Banlangen 30 grams, Jianshui Fumigation warts hair at the skin, 2 to 3 times a day, using Banlangen for intramuscular injection, daily 2 times, each time 2 ml, injection 2 week for a course of treatment, the role of Flat Wart to treat.

Other therapies include: viral Ling, each oral administration of 0.2 grams a day three times a month for a course of treatment; chloroquine, 3 times a day, the first serving 0.125 grams, the second and third serving 0.25 grams. In this way for 1 week after starting from the second week, each 0.25 grams, 2 times a day, third, four weeks after serving only 0.25 grams per day, 4 weeks for a course of treatment; can also use vitamin B12, for each 100 mg daily 1 intramuscular injection. A day for 30 days.

In addition, maintaining a healthy mental state, the treatment of flat wart is also important. Even though suffering from a flat wart, but also ease of mind, coupled with an effective combination of Chinese and Western medicine treatment, a certain flat wart will be cured.

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