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How to treat insomnia in traditional Chinese Medicine

Updated: Friday, Aug 28,2015, 3:54:12 PM
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Treatment of female insomnia remedies which, how to enable us to have a high quality of sleep?? experts tell us that if there are more than a dream, in the process of sleep, then this time our body will appear dizziness and fatigue. Chinese medicine believes that appear to be the cause of insomnia is mainly due to a change in our inner body, such as the deficiency of Qi and blood and so on; and modern medicine that is mainly due to the neurological decline or suffering from insomnia and so lead to.

Causes of female insomnia

Professor Hu Weiqin that will appear insomnia the main reason is because of the change of physical function, physical deficiency of Qi and blood and Yin and blood loss and overwork, improper diet and so on in. Modern medicine believes that the reasons for this situation is mainly due to patients with neurological decline, and a large number of brain work leading to the brain caused by excessive excitement and so on.

At present, most experts believe that women appear insomnia the main reason is due to the fact that lead to neurasthenia. There are many reasons for the decline in the daily life, such as feeling nervous and inner conflict and so on, these will lead to our nervous system in a long time in a state of tension, if once exceeded the limits of tolerance, it is easy to appear nervous breakdown.

The fresh leaves of peanut, red bean, honey is ready, and then the peanut leaf and red beans together into the pot, add appropriate amount of water decoction, add the flavor of honey water before taking. In every day before going to bed, taking a dose of, can be a good treatment for insomnia situation.

Will mother of pearl, semen Ziziphi Spinosae, radix salviae miltiorrhizae, radix curcumae, Rhizoma Coptidis, Fructus schisandrae chinensis, licorice and Radix Paeoniae Alba for good and then ground into powder mixed together, in the production of become the mother of Pearl sleeping decoction, which can effectively treat insomnia, and the success rate is as high as more than 90 percent.

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