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How to relieve cancer pain

Updated: Friday, Aug 14,2015, 4:34:28 PM
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Researchers in the United States announced that frozen tumor may help to ease has spread to the pain caused by cancer of the bone marrow, usually under anesthetic and radiation therapy to the pain are powerless.

Cryoablation is used to destroy tumor of kidney and prostate and other parts, but the United States in Rochester, Minnesota, Mayo Clinic researchers found. It alleviates the pain of 80% of cancer patients, the effect can last for six months.

Matthew Kallstrom, an American, introduced his research results in Chicago's North American Radiological Society. He said 34 patients who received treatment, or the traditional method of pain control, were not effective for them, or they were not willing to accept the traditional treatment.

These patients have different cancer sites, including the colon, rectum, kidney, ovary, thyroid, and melanoma, but have spread to the bone marrow.

Doctors use the CT imaging scanner to lead a small needle probe to the tumor, and then inject a small tube into the detector in a larger charge chamber, so that the temperature can be reduced to a frozen tumor.

In the study, the average pain at the beginning of the patient was 7.2 (10), which was considered to be more serious. 8 weeks later, their pain value fell by about 3.6. In patients who received 24 weeks of follow-up, the pain was reduced to 1.7.

What are the daily ways to relieve cancer pain?

Chinese medicine for the pain, for thousands of years to follow the "no pain" of the traditional theory. And cancer pain by Qi disorders, blood stasis, phlegm condensate node, dampness resistance, toxic fire., virtual failure disorders caused by meridian obstruction caused by. Point massage is through its meridians, regulating qi and blood to play a role in pain.

The following brief introduction of several self massage points, can play a certain role in cancer pain relief.

1, Zusanli

Is the stomach meridian of Foot Yangming zusanli. In the anterolateral crural, when the calf nose 3 inch, from the leading edge of the tibia one finger (middle finger). A lot of practice and have confirmed, Zusanli is one of the important acupoints can prevent and cure many kinds of diseases, physical fitness. It has a good analgesic effect for cancer pain, especially for the gastric cancer.

Self massage method: every day or thumb to press at Zusanli (ST 36) a, each point massage for 5-10 minutes, 15 to 20 times per minute press, pay attention to each press to make the Zusanli acupuncture as acid bilges, fever feeling.

2, Neiguan

Is the Neiguan point of hand jueyin. Yang Zhang, located in the middle of the forearm, 2 inch wrist stripes, the flexor carpi radialis tendon palmaris longus tendon between the same. The main function of Neiguan to divert water wet, tranquilize the mind, Qi analgesic. It caused cancer ascites and heart sudden pain, chest stuffy pain has good effect. Self massage method: every day with thumb or refers to the acupoint pressing a, each point massage for 5-10 minutes, 15-20 times per minute press, pay attention to each press to make Neiguan acupuncture as acid bilges, fever feeling.

3, Hegu

Hegu is hand Yangming large intestine meridian. Located in the back of the tiger's mouth, on the first metacarpal bone and the second metacarpal between depression. Pain, wrist and arm pain, mouth and eyes, cold fever and other symptoms. It has a good effect on the head, neck, arms and other cancer pain.

Self massage: massage, his hands can alternately massage, with the thumb flexion vertical on Hegu Point, tight and loose press, each acupoint pressing for 5-10 minutes, frequency to once every 2 seconds, which is about 30 times per minute. It is important to press the strength of the need to have a certain intensity to appear acid, hemp, the feeling of expansion, so as to play a role.

4, Sanyinjiao

Sanyinjiao spleen meridian acupoints. Located in the medial lower leg, foot and ankle when tip 3 inch, behind the medial margin of the tibia. Sanyinjiao indications of abdominal pain, bowel distension, etc.. So it has better effect on cancer pain in the stomach and intestines and stomach. Self massage method: every day or thumb to massage Sanyinjiao a, each point massage for 5-10 minutes, 15-20 times per minute press, pay attention to each press to make Sanyinjiao point acupuncture as acid bilges, fever feeling.

These methods can also relieve cancer pain

1, psychological therapy. Caught the disease and patients without a doubt mood is very bad, we should as far as possible in the exchange with the appropriate way to cancer patients to vent negative emotions, and make the family work, let cancer patients feel social and family of positive emotions, become cheerful, open-minded and up. It's helpful for cancer pain.

2, relaxation therapy. Relaxation therapy can relieve the tension in the spirit, stretching skeletal muscle, block and relieve pain, and can trigger a variety of physiological and biochemical reactions in the body. Such as the body's oxygen consumption decreased, respiratory, heart rate slowed down, blood pressure decreased, adrenaline and norepinephrine secretion decreased. Anxiety, depression, fear and other psychological disorders caused by pain gradually reduced.

3, we can consider the application of delay in the analgesic capsule, Chinese medicine strong pain, at the same time with the anti tumor Chinese medicine treatment, tumor suppressor, fundamentally reduce the pain of patients.

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