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How to improve the eye fine lines of a woman

Updated: Thursday, Jul 30,2015, 2:52:32 PM
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Eyes are women enchanting charm of a beautiful landscape, and eye ministry microgroove mercilessly exposed women age secret, even let a person look a little old-fashioned. Whenever we make a little exaggerated facial expressions, fine lines all ran out demonstrations, it is very bad. Well, now together to understand how to improve the eye fine lines, leaving only youth not to stay. Eye fine lines: Eye skin is more delicate than all the skin on the face, the thickness of only 0.3MM. Dry and age is the two major cause eye wrinkles. If the eye skin, lack of moisture and oil secretion, coupled with the growth of age, orbital muscle contraction, the loss of collagen, then the loss of elasticity and moisture to the skin it is easy to become a fine lines. Improve method 1: choose a suitable eye cream and eye cream Want to improve the eye fine lines, but also from the beginning of the eye to maintain moisture. In the daily maintenance, the choice of a hyaluronic acid, soy protein or vitamin E and other moisturizing ingredients of the eye cream and eye cream to ease the eye skin's thirst. Maintenance in the morning, you can use the eye cream, because the eye cream is relatively fresh and thin, suitable for the activation of eye skin, and will not cause any burden on the skin. Maintenance, the eye cream and eye cream can be superimposed on the use of the eye, so that the eye skin to get full moisture and moisture. For the teenage MM, it is best to choose a moisturizing eye cream. Pure moisturizing eye cream not only can let the eye skin to maintain a good state, but will not cause the formation of fat particles of nutrition. Methods: 2 improved eye mask 2-3 times a week deposited And mask mask is very similar, is the eye skin problems of emergency recipe. The best distance eye mask and eye skin is now 3 mm, but only under the eyes. Because the skin is thin, the absorption of nutrients is limited. Deposited end mask, with the ring finger pulp eye cream, gently pat skin, can promote the absorption of nutrients. But to pay attention to the length and frequency control mask! 3: gently massage the eye skin Step1: with the index finger, middle finger and ring finger along the lower orbit, according to the direction from the corner of the eye to the end of the eye gently massage Step2: your thumb in the corner of the eye, according to the from the corner of the eye to eye end direction gently massage the upper eyelid, finally pressing the appropriate temple. Step3: hands the middle finger and ring finger, respectively with the upper and lower eyelids, nose gently slide from close to the temple. Improve method 4: pay attention to the sun Ultraviolet light can cause melanin deposition and wrinkles, so the eye is a top priority in the sun Oh! And the fierce sun will make eye skin dry feeling more intense. In outdoor work or travel, be sure to choose a relatively high degree of moisture cream, gently smear the position of the eye skin. Improve methods 5: eat more high protein, high vitamin food Contains rich protein foods, such as jujube, pig's trotters, the skin is the most natural moisturizing and anti wrinkle effect, can make face smooth, wrinkle stretch. Vitamin A and vitamin E on the eye and ocular have nourishing effect, it can maintain the normal function of the epithelial tissue, to fundamentally improve the eye fine lines. Improvement method 6: Medical Beauty With the development of medical beauty technology, we can choose more and more eye wrinkles wrinkle. From the medical point of view, the appearance of fine lines can be changed by removing wrinkles, mesotherapy and other ways of lifting operation. The suggestion here will consider, choose the most suitable medical cosmetic wrinkle and reliable hospital.

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