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How to eliminate the fear of love

Updated: Friday, Jul 15,2016, 2:27:05 PM
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Love phobia refers to the experience or seen some things after the fear of love, there will be a kind of do not believe in the feeling of love. As a matter of fact, they've always wanted to get rid of this habit, but fear once again in that state, so he was afraid to establish new relationship, in fear of once established relationship, the feeling in the past is no longer, so some people has rather ambiguous, is not willing to really love it.

What are the manifestations of the fear of love?

Afraid of falling in love with others

Some love phobia patients because of its very not confident. Therefore, afraid of him deeply fall in love with others but not with the same feelings on their own, this kind of phenomenon love phobia patients are often very unacceptable. Fear of being rejected

Fear of being rejected

Love phobia even deeply in love with each other, also can not be said that because he was afraid he would refuse to their own, and thus their offensive, this idea that love phobia patients into a deep anxiety and panic, they often prefer to unrequited love than to express to each other. In the end of their own or a lack of confidence.

Fear of losing freedom

Choosing to be in love or marriage means losing the freedom of the past, and you begin to think about the other person's feelings. However, some people who have a great pursuit of independence and freedom can not stand, fall into a kind of fear, would rather not love.

Afraid of hurting others

Fear of losing a heart of love, fear of love, never return to the past, afraid that they love each other more than their own love.

How to eliminate the fear of love

1, love is a fickle changes of emotion, his passionate, high, low, fits and starts, the US in a hair on. Love is just a kind of crazy desire, the more the more to avoid the pursuit of things. Love is pleasure for the purpose, once occupied, it is no longer cherish.

2, hand in hand, said of a couple. Love is the heart of the understanding, the intentions of the business, the intentions of the bear. Love is a "half" word, there are "partners", people are not alone, the heart is not lonely. Love is mainly to see you how to treat it, the flat light of love is true, fall in love with a person, don't to care about romantic love and many kinds of way of love, that each person to love in different ways, do not satisfy, too greedy, will lose the true love

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