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How to eat soy sauce health

Updated: Sunday, Dec 20,2009, 5:33:41 PM
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1. Preferably in the dish pan before adding the soy sauce, stir fry pan after cooking because the sauce is rich in amino acids, so that the heat destruction of amino acids to avoid pot, so that the destruction of nutritional value, and the soy sauce sugar not coking sour.

2. To effectively prevent the sauce moldy Landrace membrane, can be used to the soy sauce a few drops of cooking oil, put Jiban peeled garlic, or a few drops of white wine and other methods.

3. Cooking sauce should not be used as cold adorned with.

4. The new varieties of soy sauce --- Iron-fortified soy sauce is the second post-salt iodization is another national nutrition improvement projects, the package should have clear signs and the iron content of fortified soy sauce.

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