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How to develop good sleeping habits for children?

Updated: Tuesday, Jul 11,2017, 7:28:32 PM
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Sleep is very important for children's growth and development. Children who lack sleep may even affect height development and bring about serious health problems. Sleep is also conducive to the development of the cerebral cortex, to improve children's intelligence and promote the development of children's thinking ability plays a vital role. Children who sleep on time each night develop better brains, a British study has found. Therefore, parents must let the baby develop a good habit of sleeping on time. How to develop good sleeping habits for children? 1. give your child a quiet sleep environment In addition to sleeping on time and having enough time to sleep, the quality of sleep is also important. A good sleeping environment is the basis for keeping your baby's sleep. The baby sleeping room had better hang the curtain with good shading effect, so as to avoid the light affect the baby sleep; the baby fell asleep after not speaking loudly or with loud TV or music; don't play too excited before the baby; baby bedding to moderate hardness, don't put too much clutter on the bed. 2. do not sleep too long during the day Children usually sleep during the day, but some children can sleep at night because they sleep too much during the day. Therefore, it is recommended that parents during the day as much as possible to communicate with their children, and play with him, talk, baby sleep during the day is best not to exceed 4 hours, the greater the child's sleep during the day is best not more than 2 hours. 3. don't let your children get too excited or tired before going to bed The children before going to sleep, don't play too much excited, or let the children too tired, because this will result in increased fatigue adrenaline concentration in order to confront the child, but because of excitement, irritability, impatience and difficult to fall asleep. Therefore, before the child goes to bed, do not let him watch the exciting television program, do not play the more intense game with the child, may choose in the puzzle, tells the story and so on relatively gentle parent-child activity. For younger children, before going to bed at night, must be replaced with water permeability strong Dry Diapers, to prevent infants due to leakage of urine, urine wet or change diapers and disturbed sleep. 4. early to help children establish sleep routines In order to cultivate good sleep habits, parents should help their children to sleep routines as early as possible. When the child 2-3 months, parents can cooperate with children's characteristics and habits, help him gradually establish a good sleep patterns. When the child time to sleep, let the child lying on the bed to sleep, then parents take some fixed activities, such as every time before going to bed bath, pajamas, for dry diapers or let the children listen to a lullaby or tell the same story, or parents to do the same action: kiss him, beat him, until the child fell asleep. Every day parents take such fixed sleep mode, after a period of time, as long as doing these things, children know the sleep, will be able to develop themselves to sleep habits, establish a good reflection of sleep.

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