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How many people does smoking kill per year?

Updated: Sunday, Nov 21,2010, 7:40:50 PM
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Smoking cigarettes is particularly significant and threatening as a cause for coronary heart failure, an adverse health event which can also proceed from problems such as excessive weight gains, a lack of physical exertion and exercise, and overly high blood pressure. According to smoking facts, people who already suffer from some or all of these other risk factors for heart disease can greatly increase the chances that they will develop a serious, even life threatening version of the condition by smoking cigarettes. Smoking cigarettes can lead to the decreased functioning of the arteries by triggering the accumulation of fat along the walls of these passageways for blood which decrease the amount and the speed with which the body can distribute plasma. Of the more than 440,000 people whom smoking kills each year, they constitute a large percentage of the 2.4 million people whose deaths are each year slotted into the overall category for fatalities which could have been prevented through the proper medical tools and which come before the people should have been seriously prone to chronic medical problems.

Among the different smoking facts which have been put forward and publicized to put people off the practice of smoking cigarettes, one of the most important and, thus, insistently publicized is that smoking kills almost half a million Americans every year. Smoking kills people based on the seriously adverse effects which the practice of smoking cigarettes can have when it continues for a prolonged period of time. Though tobacco is in general a dangerous and health threatening substance, smoking facts indicate that the cigarette based delivery system for it is particularly negative. In the United States, according to current medical estimates, smoking kills over 440,000 people on an annual basis. In this regard, smoking facts are understood in terms of smoking cigarettes representing a form of preventable and premature death.

Smoking cigarettes is also considered to be particularly dangerous as a habit to be formed in people under the age of 50. Smoking facts further indicate that women who have already developed the habit of smoking cigarettes will increase their risk of being among the over 440,000 Americans whom smoking kills on an annual basis if they use cigarettes in conjunction with an orally administered contraceptive. Among the many people whom smoking kills every year, smoking facts have further indicated that the already present risk inherent in smoking cigarettes can be further increased when people in the smoker’s family have previously died from or developed serious health problems as a result of smoking cigarettes.

Smoking facts have also been compiled which indicate the risk factors for individuals, rather than broad swaths of the United States populace, who take up the habit of smoking cigarettes. In this regard, the people whom smoking kills lose, in average, 12 years of their lives.

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