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Holding back urine harm

Updated: Friday, Jan 08,2010, 3:43:54 PM
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A great danger of holding back urine.

Urine is a metabolic product of the kidney, the kidneys to produce urine means the body regulate excess water generated by metabolism in vivo excretion of metabolic waste and toxins. Daily diet, and the water produced by metabolism in the body with the blood flow into the kidneys. There are many within the kidney called glomeruli of the "filter." Specialized glomerular filtration of water and metabolic waste. When the blood flow "filter" the blood of excess water, together with the body's metabolic wastes filtered out along with the formation of urine. Urine through the ureters into the bladder for storage up to a certain amount, it will generate a sense of urination, usually generated every 24 hours for adults is 1000-2000 ml urine.

Urinary metabolites of the human body, most of which are not required by the human body, it constantly formed, if holding back urine, then retention of urine in the bladder will be more and more increased the bladder, causing bladder muscle injury due to expansion . It was holding back urine, after a period of time, even if the discharge will be consciously lower abdomen pain, this is not fully dilated bladder contraction reason. In addition, holding back urine for too long, pressure within the bladder is bound to damage the kidney excretion of waste metabolic function, so that the water and metabolic wastes accumulate in the human body, resulting in uremia, causing kidney failure, life-threatening.

Therefore, in addition to do certain checks need to short holding back urine, the other in any case should not be holding back urine.

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