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Health care massage treatment of hair loss

Updated: Tuesday, Jul 21,2015, 3:59:54 PM
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Chinese often say good kidney UFA, the black food has the effects of Tonifying the kidney function, long-term consumption of Polygonum multiflorum, black beans and other food can play a good kidney UFA effect, also can cooperate to massage, to better treatment of hair loss.

Massage treatment method

The hair is good or bad is the outward manifestation of a person of internal organs of the body, you can through the massage to strengthen the blood circulation of the scalp, promote hair growth, which in turn has effects of preventing hair loss. The self health massage must be sustained, sooner or later you can each time, each about ten minutes, develop early early good habits for adequate sleep, to keep the scalp clean.

1, hands and fingers is pinching the posture, five lines at the head of the rock, top position from the front to the back, always do woodpeckers action, efforts as long as you feel a little slight pain can be, don't too vigorously, and then in on both sides of the head is the position of the bladder, also used the same way do knock peck method; finally is to the gallbladder, is outside of the top of head position, also from the front to the back do knock peck action, strength is also himself slightly feel pain can, each line can knock peck five times, by their own preferences can single hand can also hands knock peck.

2, hands and fingers in an open action, in the scalp to do take the rubbing action, has been the head forward until the rear, always take rub, repeatedly for two minutes, until it reaches the head has obvious warm feeling.

3, with the finger to the middle of the head Baihui to massage 20 times, in line with the hands of Fengchi, is in our ears after the ancient below the grid point, massage 20 times, finally at Hegu (LI4) is also massage 20 times, such a method can be repeated several times.

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