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For pregnant women how to eat fruit?

Updated: Tuesday, Jul 14,2015, 3:00:52 PM
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Pregnant women eat bananas in 1 Daily

Bananas are an excellent source of potassium, and there will be rich in folic acid and folic acid in vivo and folinic acid and vitamin B6 storage is to ensure that fetal neural tube normal development, avoid no brain, spinal bifida serious deformities occurred in the key material.

However, pregnant women should pay attention to not eat using ripener ripened bananas. In addition, banana cold, the food will cause gastrointestinal disorders.


Pregnant women every day eating 1-2.

We all know that during pregnancy, pregnant women to supplement folic acid is very important, the fetal growth and development of essential nutrients. And kiwi fruit contains a lot of folic acid, a "natural folic acid" in the world. In addition, kiwi rich vitamin C can help pregnant women to prevent the yellow brown spots, pregnant women can eat 1-2 a day of kiwi, but also to stabilize mood, improve sleep quality.

But kiwi fruit cold, weak stomach function of pregnant women should not often eat. In addition, after eating Kiwi milk and other dairy products should not immediately, so as not to cause abdominal distension, diarrhea.


Pregnant women, the amount of food, a large amount of cherry easy to get angry

Cherries are very high nutritional value, containing rich in iron, Lisheng blood; and contains phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and the vitamin a content of apple than higher 4-5 times, is the ideal fruit for pregnant and lactating women. During pregnancy, prone to anorexia, the partial eclipse caused by the symptoms of malnutrition. Cherry a variety of vitamins and nutrients, it is the lack of a variety of pregnant women to supplement. In addition, pregnant women eat cherry also beneficial to the development of the baby's nerve.

Note: pregnant women eat too many cherries will increase the burden on the stomach. In addition, cherry warm, a large number of edible easy to get angry, so the body heat, ulcers, pregnant women with gestational diabetes should not eat cherry.


Pregnant women eat no more than one per day

The dragon fruit contains plant albumin, and the albumin has efficacy of detoxification of heavy metals in the body, in the now automobile exhaust serious soil heavy metal pollution of modern metropolis, pregnant women eat dragon fruit can also neutralize heavy metal toxins, in addition, pitaya plant albumin also on human stomach has protective effect. So pregnant women eat pitaya also has protective effect on gastric. At the same time, pregnant women eat pitaya can also relieve constipation, skin whitening.

Note: pregnant women to eat dragon fruit should pay attention to choose ripe dragon fruit, also need to pay attention to whether the fresh, as a tropical fruit, dragon fruit, it is best to buy to eat is appropriate, if temporarily don't eat, put in a cool ventilated place is good is not recommended into the refrigerator, it prone to frostbite metamorphism. Allergic pregnant women should not eat pitaya, avoid eating because pitaya caused allergic unwell situation.

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