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Etiology and symptoms of urethritis

Updated: Friday, Sep 12,2014, 5:45:31 PM
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The clinical manifestations of urethritis have frequent micturition, burning on urination and hematuria, acute period of men may have urethral secretion, began to mucinous, have large quantities of purulent secretions; women are less secretion, turn for chronic performance for urethral tingling and micturition is unwell, urethral secretion decreases, a thin slurry, the acute attack on the district and perineal ministry is blunt painful, visible redness urethra, secretion.

The following reasons: 1. The common cause urethritis urethral injury: urethral mucosa scratches caused by the urethra equipment check, can damage the defense function of urethral mucous membrane, cause bacterial infection of the urethra, foreign body: from the outside into the foreign body or urethral inside stone, slightly long pause can cause urinary tract infection, the urethral obstruction: if wrapping opening is narrow, urethral stricture, urethral stricture, posterior urethral valve, urethral tumor, female hymen umbrella, urethral orifice hymen fusion, because micturition not free, urine is stored in the secondary urinary tract infections in the urethra, adjacent organs inflammation, such as prostatitis, seminal vesicle is phlogistic, vaginitis or cervicitis and can spread to the urethra, this often for stubborn lesions after the urethritis of chronic, often with sex, feculent sexual life is easy to cause urinary tract infections.

The etiology of female urethritis is common vaginitis, trichomonas or mycoplasma infection, because urethral mouth and vagina female mouth is very close, determines if vaginitis words easy to induce urethritis, but if drinking less, eating spicy strong irritant is likely to cause urethritis urinary stone patients also. Prone to urethritis.

Male urethritis is common disease of the male, often because of urethral mouth or urethral obstruction produced, or spread because of organ inflammation caused by sight. Male urethritis can be divided into acute urethritis urethritis and slowly. Acute urethritis is main the symptom is more urethral secretion, gleet secretion is little, in the light, most patients with asymptomatic.

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