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Elderly health often massage,To ensure the health and longevity

Updated: Tuesday, Oct 28,2014, 2:58:12 PM
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1, massage thymus method

Joint friction from the upper and lower left with the palm of the hand, from the neck down to the chest xiphoid process, to the red hot so far. Hard is appropriate, do not scratch the skin, daily one time in the morning. The thymus is the human central immune lymphoid organs, which produces the thymosin and immunocompetent cells, with anti infection, stability of its immune surveillance function. The aged thymus atrophy was reduced continuously, the thymus gland secretion, massage can increase the thymus hormone, enhance the body's immunity and resistance to disease, anti-cancer and anti-aging.

2, the kidney massage method

First hands chafe, and then use the hand to rub the ipsilateral renal region, about 38 times each. The kidney is the congenital foundation, promote human growth and development, often massage can eliminate pain, bone marrow.

In 3, pituitary stimulation method

Cover with both hands behind ears, fingers, two fingers close to the index finger on the middle finger, behind the high bone, the forefinger upward bomb hit 40 times. The pituitary endocrine central, often can stimulate the pituitary hormone secretion increases, make quick thinking, memory enhancement, anti senile dementia, promote sleep.

4, breast massage

With the right and left hands respectively on the left and right side breast massage 50 times each. Relationship between breast and reproductive system closely, often massage can prevent skin aging and breast cancer.

5, testis massage method

With the hand gently massage the scrotum testis, alternating hands about 80 times each. The testis of male hormone secretion, massage can adjust the endocrine function, strengthening the body, anti impotence, curing kidney deficiency.

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