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Eat egg will cause cardiovascular disease?

Updated: Friday, Nov 07,2014, 5:04:49 PM
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1, eat egg, can make blood cholesterol content is too high.

Egg contains large amounts of cholesterol, eating too much can cause high cholesterol induced atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease.

2, eat egg to excess nutrients, resulting in obesity.

In lactating women, no need to deliberately to eat a lot of egg to supplement their own body needed nutrients, as can be, egg to eat more but will make the cholesterol content is too high, excess nutrients, resulting in obesity. Mothers do not have to worry about their own eating egg will malnutrition, only a reasonable diet, scientific collocation, can satisfy the actual needs of every body.

3, eat egg cause nutrient imbalances in the body, thus affecting the health.

A lot of food nutrition value is very high, does not mean we go every day to nutrient elements uptake of this food, we still have to reasonable collocation of our diet, nutrients uptake of their full range of body needs, to achieve the nutrient balance in the body. On the contrary, if our long-term consumption of a food, even if again be nutrition also affects our health, so is the egg.

4, too much to eat eggs, but also increase the burden on the liver and kidney.

In general, the daily consumption of 1~2 eggs can meet eight of the essential amino acids that our body needs. Eat more eggs will be converted into fat, resulting in obesity, more important is produced in a decomposition down the metabolites after a large number of nitrogenous waste will aggravate the liver and kidney burden, is not conducive to our body. The number so we have to control yourself daily consumption of eggs, so as to avoid going too far.

Therefore, from the nutritional point of view, in order to ensure a balanced diet to meet the body needs nutrition, and will not cause excess nutrients. In general, the elderly and young adults engaged in mental work every day to eat 1 to 2 relatively good; engaged in heavy manual labor people and children, every day can eat 2 to 3 eggs; pregnant women, mothers, nursing mothers body weak and during the recovery phase of the implementation of major surgery patients, because of the need to increase the quality protein, a day can eat 3 to 4 eggs, but not more.

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