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Do you know the best sleeping temperature?

Updated: Wednesday, Sep 07,2016, 2:49:11 PM
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Do you often suffer from insomnia? Why can't you sleep, you know? Is the pressure of life, or the environment, or by the impact of room temperature. What is the best sleep temperature?

Best to sleep at room temperature: 20 C -23

Although the weather is still very hot, but a lot of people Figure cool, in bed, open 20 degrees below the air conditioning, the body is cool, but it is also very easy to catch a cold, but also affect the quality of sleep. Because people will be 20 degrees below the cold and the body curled up and wrapped in a quilt, but more than 23 degrees will feel hot, so most people sleep when the indoor temperature at 20 DEG -23 DEG is the most appropriate.

Originally, the bed temperature also pay attention to

In addition to room temperature, bed temperature is often ignored by people, in fact, it also affects the quality of your sleep. According to the research, the bed temperature at 32 DEG -34 DEG when people are most likely to fall asleep. Bed temperature is low, need long time with temperature Wu heat, not only consume the energy of the human body, and human body surface undergo a period of cold stimulation, can make the cerebral cortex excited, thus postponing the sleep time, sleep is not deep or cause.

Other elements that affect sleep quality

Wearing a bra: bra to sleep can lead to chest back stressful, make people uncomfortable to sleep. It is recommended that women go to bed when the best to wear loose point, do not bind the chest.

Before bedtime: angry angry angry, make the brain in the excited state, to speed up the heart, shortness of breath, a myriad of thoughts, make it difficult to fall asleep. So before going to bed for 2 hours, you must let the brain slowly calm down.

Relative to sleep: exhaust gas and inhaled the other couple relative horizontal exhaled, brain lack of fresh oxygen, easy to cause insomnia and dreaminess.

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