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Deadly asthma attack

Updated: Friday, May 22,2009, 12:46:30 PM
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The Yarra Glen community has been shaken after the shocking loss of a 11-year-old boy with a fatal asthma attack.

Jake Hindhaugh just got home after playing his 50th game of the Yarra Glen Junior Football Club U12 team April 15, when the attack began.

Breath, Jake is entitled to his parents, who immediately called an ambulance.

As fate willed that day, both the Healesville and Lilydale ambulances were available with the next in Diamond Creek ¨ C almost half an hour.

Jake's father Peter remembers yelling into the phone that they did not so long.

"I knew in my heart that it would be too late. Everything seems to happen in minutes, "said Hindhaugh.

At the time the ambulance arrived Jake had stopped breathing.

While the paramedics were able to resuscitate Jake, he had already suffered significant brain damage and fell into a coma.

He died four days later, a month before his 12th birthday.

Numb with shock, Jake ¡¯ s parents can ¡¯ t always believe what happened to their families.

"I do not think I ever felt so useless in my life," said Hindhaugh.

"I can not begin to describe what it's like to see your son die before your eyes and not being able to do something about it."

Their shock was understandable given Jake had never suffered from mild asthma.

"Like most parents we were aware of asthma Jake and thought we knew how to treat it," said Hindhaugh.

"He had drugs and he has learned to recognize the symptoms and be careful."

Only when they were at the hospital the doctor told Jake ¡¯ s parents how asthma can be fatal.

The doctor told them how an asthma attack can sneak up unnoticed and speed of the person of the air passage is closed.

"It is difficult for us to get the head of what happened because Jake had mild asthma," said Jake's mother Cheryl.

"He often go six months without taking a breath of his fan.

Jake's capital Yarra Glen Primary, said Joe Pacquola the news of the death of popular student shocked the school community.

"We all take asthma very seriously and we know it can be life threatening but it feels unfair," said Pacquola.

"If ever there was one child who was responsible for management of asthma, it is Jake."

"He knew that the signs and managed his medication, but it was how he took over the scheme in daily life that is most admirable."

Mr Hindhaugh said he wants to become an active advocate for the Foundation of asthma so that they can train others on the dangers of living with asthma.

"We lost our son and we can not do anything to find," said Hindhaugh.

"All we can do is make sure this does not happen to someone else for the child."

"Our lives will never be the same."

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