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Common foods can prevent disease and treatment of disease

Updated: Tuesday, Dec 16,2014, 8:11:58 PM
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Below we will introduce seven prevention can cure the common food:

Apply to: bad breath
Some studies have shown that the living bacterium yogurt before can inhibit the cause bad breath the growth of bacteria in the mouth. Yogurt in the strains of "good" bacteria can cause bad breath supplant, and create a healthy environment for the mouth.

Apply to: dysmenorrhea
Bananas contain rich vitamin B6, vitamin B6 has stable nerve function, can stable women in the period of unease, also helps to improve sleep, relieve abdominal pain.

Whole grain foods

Apply to: fight breast cancer
Oatmeal and brown rice, whole grain bread and other foods whole grains are rich in dietary fiber. A us study shows that women every day at least 30 grams of dietary fiber intake, halve their risk of developing breast cancer.


Apply to: tooth
The Australian dental association studies have shown that in addition to the teeth of rich calcium, phosphorus and other nutrients, cheese contains unique casein, it can effectively prevent dental plaque formation, damage repair teeth. In addition, the cheese also can stimulate the secretion of saliva, improve oral environment PH value, inhibit the growth of bacteria, strengthen tooth germ.


Apply to: to protect the heart
Salmon contains a lot of the heart-healthy fatty acids, which can improve the "good" cholesterol in the blood. Salmon in the omega - 3 fatty acids can be effective against heart disease.

Burp applies:
Swallow a teaspoon dried white sugar, can immediately stop hiccupping. Sugar has modified the effect of neuromuscular movements, namely can order within the diaphragm muscle continuous contraction, stop hiccupping. But don't too much sugar can let you become addicted, eat too much hazardous to your health.

Olive or a lemon
Apply to: motion sickness (motion sickness, seasickness, dizzy aircraft, etc.)
Motion sickness to let your body secretes too much saliva, produce the feeling of nausea and vomiting. Compounds in olive, tannic acid can remove excess saliva in the mouth, help eliminate sick feeling. If feeling unwell, immediately eat two stars, lemon juice also has the same effect.

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