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Common cause and treatment of female urinary tract infections

Updated: Friday, Aug 07,2015, 4:35:49 PM
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The female lower urinary tract infection is a common disease, the incidence of the disease increases with age. 1 year old girl with a rate of 1%~2%, 1 years after the fall of about 1% and continued to adolescence, to the married and childbearing age with age and sustained growth. 15~24 years of age, the incidence of 2%~3% was 25%~50%, 60 years old, 65, 10%, 80 after the age of 20%. Maskell (1988) estimates that about 50% of women have had experience of bladder stimulation in their lifetime.

So far, antibiotics are the main method to treat lower urinary tract infections, and the emerging of antibiotics to provide effective treatment for clinical treatment. However, not all of the cases can achieve very good effect. Female urethra is short, a large number of bacteria stored in the entrance and vaginal vestibular, it is easy to form a lower urinary tract infection, different age stages of the disease causes different. For this, we take the lead in the domestic women's lower urinary tract infection in the age of the point of view, the long-term clinical observation, treatment success rate increased, the recurrence rate decreased. In this introduction as follows. Department of Urology, Wuhan Union Hospital, Chen Min

1. The characteristics and treatment of urinary tract infection in young girls:

Common causes have in urinary tract infection patients, the common use of sanitary ware, or mixtures of towel at kindergarten, or in an unclean water swimming, or urinary system congenital malformation, or neurogenic dysfunction of bladder and urethra. The key is to remove the cause (such as the need for surgical treatment of urinary tract malformations), other types can be used under the guidance of doctors use appropriate antibiotics, attention to avoid recurrence.

2, the characteristics and treatment of urinary tract infection in women with puberty and reproductive period:

No complication was found in the newly married women, or the first time to have sex with a history of sexual intercourse. Acute onset, frequent micturition, make water is urgent, make water is painful wait for a symptom, urine white blood cells and red blood cells, for this kind of patients we take simple use of antibiotics for three days can be cured.

Recurrent urinary tract infection of lower urinary tract recurrent infection, good and bad, leucorrhea and other pathogenic examination may be found in white blood cells, trichomonas, fungal. The causes of the disease may be related to the female anatomy, the history of repeated sexual intercourse, spouse or sexual intercourse. Our experience is a special emphasis on attention to gynecological complaints and inspection, including the itch in the vulva, vaginal secretions smell, leucorrhea routine examination. Found that abnormal vaginal infection, the treatment effect was significantly improved. To pay special attention to the possibility of the existence of fungal vaginitis, otherwise the application of antibiotics, the more serious symptoms. Some patients in the course of treatment, there are repeated sexual intercourse history or the man has serious urinary tract infections, this situation is difficult to cure, should be reminded of the patient, the man should be checked and active treatment of prostatitis, sexually transmitted diseases, etc..

3, the characteristics and treatment of urinary tract infection in postmenopausal women:

The occurrence of urinary tract infection occurred in the period of menopause or after menopause, and occurred repeatedly, accompanied by perineal area dry, burning, pain, etc.. This kind of patient physical examination can be found in the genital atrophy, vaginal wall congests, tenderness is apparent, partial patient is urethral mucous membrane of mouth obvious congestion and edema.

The cause of urinary tract infection in postmenopausal women and postmenopausal patients is the main estrogen level is lower, the vaginal mucosa epithelium is thin, the cell is reduced, the vagina is clean, bacteria are easy to breed in the vestibular and vagina. Therefore, we have to treat the lower urinary tract infections in postmenopausal women, in addition to the use of antibiotics, but also apply estrogen agents, such as Levi love, as well as estrogen topical agents such as the United States, the effect is very good, in particular, can reduce the recurrence rate. But to pay attention to the use of estrogen for a long time in the guidance of the doctor. Prior to the use of estrogen, it is also necessary to exclude the. II with other disease leads to repeated infections, such as diabetes, distal urethral stenosis, impaired detrusor contractility and may lead to voiding dysfunction. These patients should be the urodynamic examination. According to the etiological treatment.

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