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Coffee has a certain anti-cancer effects

Updated: Sunday, Aug 04,2013, 2:54:08 PM
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Drinking coffee in the end is good or harm to human health? The debate has been prevalent about coffee. With more and more coffee and ingredients depth study, coffee beneficial for the human body and harmful effects has become increasingly clear surfaced. While not everyone will want to coffee as a medicine to treat, but the latest research shows that coffee for some cancers, and diabetes have some preventive effect. Nihon Keizai Shimbun interview for a coffee expert and author of right and wrong, so that you learn more about coffee!

Coffee originated in Ethiopia, in ancient times by the Islamic clergy as "secret agents" to use until about 400 years ago, coffee was gradually gaining in popularity, as most people can drink beverages.

In the 1980s, the widespread perception of coffee at "containing charred substance will cause cancer," the question, with regard to coffee against harmful to human health research reports are generally greater. Until 90 years later, with high-precision testing technology continues to progress, with the deepening of the study, people's views on the coffee has changed only gradually.

Beneficial for the human body in the coffee research results, can prevent cancer is the representative of the findings. But the findings show that coffee can only be part of the prevention of cancer, not all cancers have a preventive effect. Daily coffee drinkers who do not drink coffee than totally less susceptible to liver cancer, colorectal cancer and head and neck cancer.

According to Japan's National Cancer Research Center for Liver survey found that drinking 1-2 cups of coffee a person's risk of liver cancer is entirely coffee drinkers liver cancer risk half, drank five or more cups of coffee liver cancer risk is entirely coffee drinkers the risk of liver cancer quarter. According to Japan's Aichi Cancer Center for head and neck cancer survey found that drinking three or more cups of coffee a risk of head and neck cancer than people who drank less than one cup a low of about 40%.

Coffee contains hundreds of compounds, including the coffee has a refreshing feature of caffeine, has antioxidant polyphenols chlorogenic acid. More recently, the role of caffeine protects cells by more widespread concern, while caffeine with chlorogenic acid protects normal cells to prevent cancer is also considered the role of coffee has anti-cancer effects of causes.

In addition, the rise in blood sugar chlorogenic acid inhibited the effect of attention. According to Harvard University study published in 2002, drank seven or more cups of coffee a risk of diabetes is to drink two cups less than half the risk of human disease. The study lasted for seven years, for the Netherlands about seventeen thousand people conducted follow-up investigation, and chlorogenic acid inhibited glucose increased attention is also due to the effect of the study. But studies in which people are drinking weak coffee, converted into what we often drink coffee, equivalent to about 7 cups of weak coffee 4 cup common coffee.

On the other hand, has been, experts are committed to exploring the coffee and arteriosclerosis, cerebral thrombosis, cerebral circulatory system diseases such as the relationship between risk, but so far no clear conclusion.

The findings of the current international trends in a wide variety, such as drinking coffee incidence of stroke than people who do not drink, but there are also studies that there is no link between the two. As part of the disease and smoking and other lifestyle habits are closely related and therefore must be considered, if a single to trace the effects of coffee for disease prevention is a very difficult thing.

So if you drink too much coffee will not cause damage to the body it? Generally accepted drunk excessive intake of caffeine coffee easily, resulting in nervous excitement. Meanwhile according to personal physical differences, 0.5-1 grams of caffeine a day will increase the burden on the heart and blood vessels. There are also studies that pregnant women drink a lot of coffee may increase the risk of miscarriage. According to the different types of coffee, a cup of coffee contains about 0.1 grams of caffeine around, that is, can not drink more than 5-10 per day cup. In addition, coffee contains other components have the effect of promoting the secretion of gastric acid, for the treatment of hyperacidity are taking people should avoid coffee.

Sometimes, the effect of coffee with calm mind, it might be coffee as a life pastime, rather than cure diseases to look at coffee will make your life more flavor.

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