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Carbonated drinks will make your baby teeth become fragile baby teeth should be how to protect

Updated: Thursday, Jul 09,2015, 3:40:57 PM
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The teeth are the gateway to a smile, want to have a clean, white and healthy teeth, we must start from the start. Let the children have a lifetime of good teeth, parents is undoubtedly more profound and more affordable care care. Some parents have questions, for example, the baby can brush their teeth, how to correct their teeth, children's toothpaste and how to choose.

Brushing method for different ages of children

0-6 months to let the baby "mouth""

Generally speaking, this stage babies are in eat breast milk or formula milk and other liquid food did not add the food supplement, as long as in eating baby every time after drinking some warm water, will be able to play a gargle role of. If the mother has time, with gauze dipped in warm water or light salt water to give the baby to graze the gums and oral cavity, prevent inflammation of the mouth.

6 months -2 year old baby can use finger toothbrush

Finger toothbrush is a worn directly in the hands of the toothbrush and the top portion is friction materials, use set on a finger, because of more flexible fingers to brush to the difficult of access, not convenient place. When using a toothbrush to a bowl of warm water (which can also prepare special toothpaste), let the baby lying in the arms of adults, a walking to keep the baby's head, a gloved finger toothbrush dipped in water to clean the baby oral and teeth cleaning brush head, bump the tongue cleaner, should pay attention to the gap between teeth cleaning. Pay attention to the use of the fingers of the toothbrush, the toothbrush should be disinfected, into the boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes.

Baby after 2 years old began to use a toothbrush

Baby teeth is generally between 2 to 2 years old half of all long Qi, so at the age of 2 can teach your baby to use toothbrush. First of all to choose suitable for children ages toothbrush, try to choose suitable for baby mouth size, carding a soft toothbrush, help to better clean mouth. Second, to teach the baby the correct way to brush their teeth, the baby will not learn to do not hurry, let the baby observation, imitation, and then let him step by step to start their own brush.

Children learn to brush their teeth after 3 years old

After a period of training, some babies will be able to learn to brush their teeth. Since many babies were 3 years old, it was necessary to learn how to brush their teeth. Parents to pay attention to your baby to correct errors brushing method, such as the seesaw type horizontal brush method, to teach your baby will brush bristles on the position close to the gums to tilt and the tooth surface of 45 degrees, teeth down from the brush, tooth from under to brush, brushing side should also brush the inside side, teeth biting surface, and guarantee each brush your teeth at least 3 minutes, each brush face 15 to 20 times.

Children aged 3 years after the use of fluoride toothpaste

Fluoride toothpaste role in caries prevention is very determined, but fluoride anti caries effect and toxicity of boundaries is very small, intake of excessive fluoride tooth will produce spots, this is dental fluorosis, and most of the patients are children. "

"6 children under the age of swallowing toothpaste was very high, and the younger, the higher the proportion of the swallow." The experimental data show that children under 3 years of age with fluoride toothpaste can be more than 50% of the use of a mistake. This is because children's ability to control swallowing imperfect, brushing swallowed with fluoride toothpaste opportunity more, resulting in increased fluoride intake caused. Therefore, a dentist very stressed children with the amount of fluoride toothpaste.

Because children and adults in the use of fluoride toothpaste, the use of different, the whole family to use a tube of toothpaste is extremely wrong. "Children should be used for the design of children's toothpaste, rather than adult toothpaste."

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