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Angelina Jolie's Brad charity pressure

Updated: Wednesday, Apr 22,2009, 7:59:45 AM
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Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt wants to sell his collection of art and give money to charity.

The "Wanted" actress, who has six children with Brad, do not share his lover, his taste for art and have issued an ultimatum to convince Brad to get rid of parts.

A source said: "Angelina has recently hit the roof when Brad had another piece of art delivered to their home in Los Angeles. She was not happy. Angelina Brad wants to sell his collection of art and give money to charity. She says there are many people who lack the basic necessities, to collection of expensive baubles considers extravagant and selfish of her. "

Brad, who has spent millions for its collection, decorated their house in Los Angeles, rare paintings, sculptures and furniture from all over the world.

The source added: "Angelina believes in supporting the arts, but she does not believe that people must live with the price of objects. She asked the scale back on their property and lead a simple life. "

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