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Alopecia Areata Clinical manifestations

Updated: Sunday, Jan 03,2010, 8:05:16 PM
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Characterized as follows: scalp, normal, no inflammation, no symptoms, often accidentally discovered on the head with round or oval-shaped alopecia spot, alopecia at the edge of the hair more loose, it is easy to pull out, the course of alopecia areata for several months to several years, often repeated attack. Alopecia Areata, about 5-10% of cases within a few days or a few months off his hair and all become full-bald, a few severely ill patient, can affect the eyebrows, beard, armpit, pubic hair and so on, all stripped bare, said Pu. Clinically, according to disease state of development, alopecia areata can be divided into three phases.

(1) for period: hair, skin and gradually expand the scope of the damage in the surrounding area, alopecia areata and normal appearance of the skin, hair loose down easily grasp.

(2) stationary phase: general after 3-4 months, alopecia areata to stop the development of the status quo can be maintained long-term, alopecia hair attached to peripheral areas rather fastness.

(3) recovery phase: alopecia area began to grow hair. Which period both patients, the majority without any symptoms, some patients may have dizziness, itching, lower back pain, tinnitus, vertigo and other symptoms. Medical examination can be found a small number of patients with alopecia area of early erythema and edema can be seen, the hair follicle mouth clearly visible.

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