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Adolescents with diabetes should be how to choose medicine?

Updated: Friday, Aug 07,2015, 4:34:22 PM
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Insulin is the drug of choice for the treatment of juvenile diabetes, especially in the acute glucose metabolism disorders, the long-term high blood glucose toxicity, resulting in peripheral tissue insulin resistance or children with diabetes type have difficulty, appropriate use of insulin, to achieve the ideal treatment effect.

Clinical use of metformin for many years, it is a safe and effective drug for children and adolescents with diabetes, it is safe and effective in the world and patients are recognized as the first choice for treatment of type 2 diabetes in children with oral hypoglycemic drugs, especially in the treatment of obese type of diabetic patients.

The most serious side effects of the drug are hypoglycemia, because children are in the growth and development period, low blood sugar has a significant impact on brain development, the proposed fasting blood glucose control in 4 ~ 6mmol/L, glycosylated hemoglobin level control in 7% ~ 6.5%, for children under 5 years of age, this standard may be appropriate to relax, to prevent the occurrence of hypoglycemia.

A new generation of sulfonylurea (such as Amaryl) or non sulfonylurea insulin secretagogues (such as NovoNorm) and metformin in the treatment effect is better, make more easy to control blood sugar levels in, poor teenagers of diet control has a unique advantages. But this kind of medicine should be used widely in children, but also need to be further studied.

Increase of insulin sensitizer (glitazones) can in children and adolescents with diabetes application is also being studied in, this kind of drug safety and effectiveness in the long-term application need further confirmation.

Because of its obvious and not easy to be accepted by children and adolescents, the study showed that the drug was safe and had a certain preventive effect on diabetes.

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