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Abdominal distention dyspepsia, abdominal massage can relieve

Updated: Thursday, Nov 20,2014, 3:57:05 PM
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Abdominal massage is a kind of self health care of old, simple and easy method, belongs to the Chinese medicine massage technique in friction law. The Southern Song Dynasty big man Lu You once said, "to solve the abdomen under the west window, Mo weirdo ridicule as rice bag", we can see its wide spread.

Traditional Chinese medicine thinks, the abdomen is Qi and blood, so rubbing abdomen while on the local, but can be by strengthening spleen and invigorating primordial energy effect, which is beneficial to the body. Rubbing abdomen stimulate gently ease, and have Qi, Xiaoji stagnation, regulating gastrointestinal motility function, has certain therapeutic effect on stomachache, diarrhea, constipation, obesity, insomnia and other diseases, healthy people can through this way to keep fit, the spleen and stomach.

Abdominal massage method suggested in an hour after dinner or before sleep, get up before. Method of operation for the whole body muscle relaxation, full palm to ideas into the palm, the navel as the center, moving slowly rub the abdomen. Technique should be gentle, do not need to drive the subcutaneous tissue, to touch the abdomen after a warm feeling, and layers of inward diathermy is preferred. Abdominal massage before first will be hand rub.

Rubbing abdomen should pay attention to the location and direction of operation in operation. Bloating and dyspepsia, mainly Morocco epigastric; diarrhea, focuses on the umbilicus; constipation and piss poor, mainly in the lower abdomen. Daily health care use clockwise, stool thin stools are advised to counterclockwise massage clockwise massage, constipation. Needs to be emphasized is that the abdominal massage for most people, but there are contraindications, pregnant women, too full or too hungry and intraabdominal malignant neoplasm, acute abdomen patients ban abdominal massage.

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