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A woman too thin 10 disadvantages: easy cause anemia, alopecia and even infertility

Updated: Monday, Aug 11,2014, 4:43:10 PM
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Ptosis of the stomach

Don't envy you that always eat a full, a few bites of rice can cope with a lunch female colleagues, only she herself knew that her stomach every day in experiencing much torture: loss of appetite, also always feel bloating, pain. If to do a very pain endoscopy, the diagnosis may be: gastroptosis. Yes, when the body is too thin, the body of the abdominal wall relaxation, muscle weakness, muscle and ligament laxity suspension, fixed position of the stomach weakness, abdominal pressure drop, so the physical location of the lower stomach, gastric motility decreased, thus cause gastroptosis.


The bile is secreted by the liver, which contain cholesterol, bile salt, calcium and lecithin, a certain proportion between them. People who are too thin a general lack of caloric intake, so the precipitation in the tissues of the body fat will accelerate the consumption, cholesterol also move, leads to an increase of its content in the bile, bile and thus become sticky, crystallization and precipitation down stone formation.

Prolapse of uterus

Amount of fat is not enough protection, uterine easily from the normal location along the vagina cervix down, or even fall off in the vagina mouth forms we are talking about the mere mention of uterine prolapse, severe cervix may also lead to infection, or cervicitis.


Medical experts pointed out that the percentage of body fat women to reach at least 17%, in order to maintain the normal menstrual cycle and sexual level, this is their future healthy pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding to the lowest fat standard. Because fat tissue can be raw material processing and adrenal cortex provides into estrogen, is an important place in vivo in ovarian manufactured outside of estrogen. Too little body fat, estrogen synthesis and concentration levels in the blood will be affected, resulting in inadequate levels of estrogen in the state, and this level is one of the key criteria affecting female fertility.


The recent study of 3683 women found that: the thin body of the female incidence of hip fracture than the standard weight was 1 times higher than women. This is because estrogen level thin body problems, the effects of calcium and bone, unable to maintain normal bone density and therefore prone to osteoporosis and fracture.


Too thin by widespread imbalance in the nutritional intake of iron, folic acid, vitamin B12 and other substances in itself insufficient intake of blood; eat less as a result, the basal metabolic rate is lower than the ordinary person, so acid stomach slower movement, secreted less, the effects of nutrient absorption. These are the main cause of anemia.

In addition, malnutrition reduces the body immunity, but also prone to secondary anemia.


Our kidneys by a layer of dense connective tissue wrapped. People who are too thin, lack of body fat content, resulting in the layer of loose connective tissue changes, muscle weakness, not to provide renal protection based on the external muscles. Therefore, the kidneys and cause them to sag within the blood oozing, hematuria, but also often accompanied by waist ache.

Duodenal stasis

This kind of disease, you may not be familiar, but you thin, perhaps it is responsible for it. Cross section located in the retroperitoneal duodenum is the fixed part of the digestive tract. People who are too thin, the scarce mesenteric and retroperitoneal fat, visceral ptosis, virtually reduced the spine and the superior mesenteric artery proximal part of the gap between the duodenum, the oppressed. So eat something difficult to digest, showing abdominal discomfort, accompanied by pain or vomiting after meals. Vomit bile and eat food, recurrent symptoms were intermittent.

Memory loss

Main power comes from the brain, fat, it can stimulate the brain, the brain's information processing capabilities to accelerate, increased short-term and long-term memory.

Thin body fat intake and insufficient storage capacity, lack of nutrients the body, the lack of nutrition so that the serious damage to brain cells will directly affect the memory, so we become increasingly forgetful.


The main components of human hair is a kind of fish known as prion protein and zinc, iron, copper and other trace elements. On the body over the thin people, fat and protein were in short supply, so frequent hair loss, hair color gradually lost luster.

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