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5 mental skills can help you stay away from anxiety neurosis

Updated: Monday, Aug 31,2015, 4:32:38 PM
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What should you do? What should be done as one of the most common mental disorders in the present, and not many friends really understand it, and want to return to health, we must begin to understand the most basic common sense, today to introduce the relevant knowledge and recommend some of the methods to treat.

Anxiety disorder is a mental disease

Truth: the mental illness in people's mouth is often referred to as schizophrenia. Anxiety is the emotional distress of a, and one of the causes is inadequate secretion of chemical neurotransmitters in the brain, but this and spiritual split disorder of the brain chemical transmitters vary. Therefore, anxiety is not equal to schizophrenia, in most cases also won't have auditory hallucinations, paranoia and so on.

Anxiety disorders are mainly personal character issues, are generally more introverted. Must be completely reversed character, it is possible to overcome anxiety disorders.

Truth: some anxiety disorders may actually be more introverted personality, but this is only a possible cause, in addition to more innate or acquired factors, such as family heredity, brain chemicals secretion factors, long-term under heavy pressure, personal thinking mode and life habits have important influence. Therefore, no need to reverse the character, "have a definite object in view" is the key.

No matter how serious the anxiety neurosis, by the individual will can be completely overcome.

Truth: if you use a strong will to face the current emotional distress, indeed to ease the positive effect, but the individual will alone can not overcome anxiety disorders, but also the need for professional, systematic approach to success, such as professional self-help books, psychological counseling, more serious need to help.

As long as the timing by taking psychotropic drugs, can cure anxiety.

Truth: drugs do have a certain help to anxiety disorders, but the cause of anxiety disorders are not purely physiological factors, personal adaptation to the bad thinking mode and the treatment of stress is also the key to the wrong way, so the drug treatment and psychological counseling is complementary.

People suffering from anxiety disorders because your life is too nervous, just learn to relax, to relax the tourism, or to health museum do a "spa".


Yes, a lot of anxiety disorder friends usually do not know how to relax themselves, so relax and have a balanced life, to ease the anxiety of help. However, anxiety disorder is not simply a problem of life over tension, the negative way of thinking and the negative behavior related to anxiety is the key. Moreover, alleviating the immediate life pressure, relax play methods such as, often only temporary. We can't travel every day or the spa for massages. To effectively address the problem, we must address the problem of the occurrence and maintenance of anxiety disorders.

For the treatment of anxiety neurosis is mainly based on psychological treatment, of course, can also be appropriate to cooperate with the treatment of drugs. Patients may wish to self treatment in the following ways:

Increase confidence

Self confidence is a necessary prerequisite for the cure of nervous anxiety. Some of the people who have no confidence in themselves, their ability to accomplish and cope with things are skeptical, and they exaggerate the possibility of their failure, so as to worry, tension and fear.

As a result, you must first be confident and reduce your sense of inferiority. Should believe that every time you add self-confidence, anxiety level will be lower, restore confidence, and that is the final expulsion of anxiety.

Self relaxation

It is to release the tension. For example, you can imagine all kinds of possible dangerous situations when you have a better spirit. And repeat it, you will think of any dangerous situation or the whole process is no longer experiencing anxiety. At this point will be terminated.

Self reflection

Some nervous anxiety is due to the patient to some emotional experience or desire to suppress, to suppress the unconscious, but it does not disappear, still lurking in the unconscious, so it will produce the disease. You only know the pain, and I do not know what it is. So in this case, you must be self reflection, the subconscious of the things that cause pain. When necessary, can vent, the symptoms can disappear.

Self stimulation

The incidence of patients with anxiety neurosis, the brain is always make blind and disorderly conjectures, be on tenterhooks, puzzle, abnormal pain. At this point, patients can use self - stimulation, to divert their attention. Such as the cranky, find a interesting can attract people to read, or engage in intense physical labor, to forget the painful things. This can prevent make blind and disorderly conjectures to produce other diseases, but also can enhance your ability to adapt.

Self Hypnosis

Most patients with anxiety disorders have sleep disorders, it is difficult to sleep or suddenly awakened from a dream, at this time you can self suggestive hypnosis. Such as: you can count, or with the hands of books to read and so on to promote themselves to sleep.

In the ego to take the above method, it must also use the anti anxiety drugs. Commonly used to have a stable, good sleep, and so on, can be oral or intramuscular injection. If the anxiety associated with depression, taking doxepin, amitriptyline and other tricyclic antidepressants have good effects.

Anxiety neurosis patients must be treated under the guidance of professional doctors, believe that we should adhere to the treatment, adhere to the correct self regulation, not too long to get rid of the anxiety of anxiety.

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