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mesothelioma,What you can do

Updated: Wednesday, Sep 16,2009, 11:11:52 PM
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Be aware of your limitations in advance. At the time of the appointment, be sure to ask if anything needs in advance is not as restricted diet. Enter the symptoms have occurred, including those that may seem unrelated to the reason for the scheduled meeting.

Write basic personal information, such as principal stresses or altered life so far. If you worry about mesothelioma, make a list of all professions, even those who had only a few months.
Make a list of all medicines and vitamins or supplements you take.

Bring a friend or relative, if possible. It can sometimes be difficult to fill all the available information during a meeting. Someone who accompanies you is something that is ignored or forgotten to remember.

Write down questions for your doctor.

 What is likely to cause symptoms or my situation? What are other possible causes and symptoms of my illness?

What kind of proof do I need?

Probably my temporary or chronic condition? What is the best approach?

What are the alternatives for the initial approach, I have to say?

I have another disease. How can I manage better together?

There are limitations that must be followed?

You should consult a specialist?

What will it cost my insurance cover seeing a specialist?

There is an alternative to prescribe generic drugs to me?

Is there a brochure or printed material can take home with you? What sites do you recommend?

What will decide whether or not I do the action plan?

Apart from the questions they have prepared to ask your doctor, do not hesitate to ask questions during your appointment at any time is going to try to understand something.

When would begin experiencing symptoms?

Its symptoms are continuous or intermittent?

How strong are your symptoms?

What is, rather, seems to improve symptoms?

What most seems to worsen your symptoms?

Work contributing to the symptoms of his ability?

What you can do in the meantime, try to avoid anything that aggravates your symptoms. Try, for example, if you have trouble breathing, to get easier until you meet with your doctor.

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