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What is the male reproductive organs have herpes?

Updated: Monday, Jul 27,2015, 4:04:46 PM
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What is the male reproductive organs have bleb to return a responsibility? When women have sex with men, they have no intention of seeing the male genital herpes, and they feel very scared. The male genital herpes does not show that the male has a serious infectious disease, but this is not a serious disease. Male genital organs have herpes, may have genital herpes disease. Experts warn that this disease is a common disease, although repeated attacks, and has a contagious, but can be cured. How to treat male genital bleb?

1, taking the drug

A variety of drugs to treat the disease, such as antibiotic ointment, glucocorticoid, analgesics, lidocaine ointment etc.. Concurrent bacterial infections, according to the guidance of a doctor to choose suitable antibiotic ointment daub disease treatment. Local pain, can be used to relieve symptoms of pain. Because of deficiency of kidney qi, toxic heat accumulation and the incidence, can take Chinese traditional medicine treatment. Antiviral therapy is one of the methods for treating the disease. Symptoms significantly reduce the treatment, but the symptoms will be repeated after stopping treatment. In order to treat the disease, should maintain the positive optimistic state of mind, the long-term treatment.

2, the prohibition of sexual intercourse

Although many men know that they have herpes, they do not pay attention to the prevention of disease transmission to a partner. Because of the impulse of sexual desire, they often do not have to do a good job in the case of safety measures, and women are also infected with the disease. When women blame men, men realize how stupid they are. During the treatment, should prohibit sexual intercourse. This will not only help to treat the disease, but also to prevent the disease transmitted to her.

3, to avoid recurrence

To prevent the recurrence of the disease after curing the disease. There are many reasons to cause the disease recurrence, such as excessive drinking, fatigue, diet, infection, cold, wet, etc.. These reasons can cause the human body resistance drops, bacteria will take advantage of. After the disease, the male will feel very painful. In order to avoid the recurrence of the disease, preventive measures should be made.

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