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What is the HIV window period?

Updated: Friday, Oct 23,2009, 11:11:39 AM
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What is the HIV window period?

When the body is infected, there is a period of time can not be detected in serum HIV antibody, showing negative. Most of those infected in about 2 months after infection, blood was positive for HIV antibody response, can go a long 6 months before transferring to Yang. From HIV infection to AIDS virus antibodies transferred during this period is called the window period of Shenyang, in the window period will still be transmission of the virus.

Why is the window period is terrible?

People were infected, the body has no symptoms of HIV and must pass through some days can be detected in the blood of HIV antibodies, but this time is a contagious. If you enter in the window period an infected person's blood, or sharing a syringe with others, and in the window period of infection and other sexual contact, there will be risk of infection. Therefore, in the window period of infection is the hiding and the most dangerous risk groups for AIDS.

Oh, to remind you: HIV antibody testing is free of charge!

Can go to provincial and municipal disease prevention and control centers and medical institutions to conduct HIV antibody testing, such as through the screening test positive, and conduct experiments positive diagnosis can only be diagnosed with HIV infection. If the test confirmed that he had infected with HIV, to reduce psychological pressure, courage to accept the guidance of medical personnel and treatment.

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