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The proper use of condoms to prevent AIDS

Updated: Friday, Oct 23,2009, 11:22:15 AM
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Sexual contact, the correct use of condoms, of acceptable quality can not only contraception, but also to reduce the risk of HIV infection. Because it provides a physical barrier to avoid direct contact with body fluids sexual partners.

The proper use of condoms is:

1, be sure to wear a condom before sexual contact.

2, note that the validity period expired can not be used.

3, tearing open condom packaging, to avoid the scissors, nail would be torn condom.

4, pinch the top out of condoms, the air, in order to leave space for storage of semen.

5, the start of condoms in the erection of the penis on the set until the roots.

6, wear a condom and then painted some of the water quality of lubricant. Note that you can not use oily substances such as Vaseline, cream lubricant do not use saliva lubrication.

7, after ejaculation, the penis has not weakened the vagina before the exit, exit controlled by a good hand when a condom to prevent slippage.

8, the condom mouth knotting to prevent the outflow of semen, and then discarded into the trash.

9, condom only once, can not be reused.

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