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Intestinal mucosa of AIDS virus "shelter"

Updated: Saturday, Oct 24,2009, 3:42:50 PM
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University of California, Davis, 29, said the researchers, HIV in the intestinal mucosal tissues of the body hiding to escape the drug treatment. This discovery may revolutionize treatment of AIDS.

The researchers issued a press release said that AIDS patients on antiretroviral therapy, even if blood tests show that effective treatment, but in fact still be able to HIV in humans intestinal mucosa in hiding, to continue to copy and suppress the immune system play a role in .

Person in charge of the study said Professor Sadiyadan Dekkar, which indicates that although the current HIV therapies in reducing the virus load, increase the blood T-cell count has much effect, but there is no ability to deal with the AIDS virus in intestinal mucosa .

Dandekar said: "The infection with the virus the real fighting took place between the intestine within the organization, from the moment the virus began."

With the intestinal-related lymphoid tissue accounts for 70% of the body's immune system and restore their function is essential for clearance of HIV, Dandekar therefore recommends that the medical profession to focus on improving the response within the intestinal mucosa of HIV treatment.

The researchers also suggested that those who receive antiretroviral therapy, AIDS patients should also accept the intestinal biopsy to use anti-inflammatory drugs, the early resumption of intestinal immune function. The two-three-year study results are published in the latest issue of "virology" on.

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