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AIDS virus mutates rapidly

Updated: Saturday, Oct 24,2009, 3:03:03 PM
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AIDS virus called HIV, is a body's immune system to attack the virus. Such rampant virus was first discovered in 1981, has been playing a threat to human health and safety, the role of the killer. 25 years, although medical scientists have taken a tireless efforts, the international medical community has no effective prevention and treatment of AIDS drugs and therapies.

Recently, the first time humans saw the birth of the AIDS virus. USA 2 Rockefeller University scientists, using a special, only to illuminate the cell surface of the microscope, to witness the process of forming the AIDS virus, the whole process is only 5-6 minutes.

Some experts predict that this discovery will be the treatment and cure of AIDS have an enormous impact.

AIDS virus mutates rapidly

Earlier study found that the reason why AIDS rampant in the world, is that HIV AIDS virus invades the human body a direct violation of the human immune system to attack and kill the body's immune system, the most important, the most offensive of the T4 lymphocytes, so that the body a the beginning of losing the status of defensive capabilities.

Once HIV enters the body, they feed on the core of T4 lymphocytes in the most part, and with the nucleus of the genetic material DNA that integrates the human body can not afford to separate, but no power to kill it, AIDS has become a kind of "disease into the gene "the plague. With the immune cells in HIV replication DNA replication. Breeding and reproduction of the virus so that immune cells damage and destruction, and release more virus. The new proliferation of the virus and then infect more cells.

In this way, the virus from generation to generation copy, reproduction, immune cells continue to die. AIDS virus is a virus different from the ordinary retrovirus, with strong ability to mutate rapidly, while the human body to produce antibodies to lag behind the total variation of the virus and thus can not prevent the propagation and spread of HIV, let alone the human immune system produced anti-HIV antibodies is no combat capability of the non-protective antibodies.

Vaccine development requires a new method of observation

The ability of HIV to mutate rapidly to the specific drug and vaccine development work is currently causing great difficulty. Therefore, the researchers want to further breakthrough in the AIDS virus, we need a more micro level, have found that looking forward to the birth of a new observation method. Rockefeller University, Confucianism and Buddhism in virology and cell biology post-doctoral physics lab director Sangdiximeng the first step, the real advantage of the new microscope to witness the birth of the AIDS virus, to know the exact birth time of the virus.

The birth process: light cells, part of the surface is the key

In order to observe the process of the birth of the AIDS virus, scientists have made numerous experiments have not been successful. Confucianism and Buddhism both within and Sangdiximeng solve this important problem, they believed that the use of "total internal reflection microscope," The new microscope is a new observation methods, while the HIV virus cell surface illuminated is the key. Their findings have been published in "Nature" magazine's online edition.

Simon explained their experiments. "The technology used in microscope differs from a traditional microscope. The traditional light microscope, usually the whole cell, and this is called" total internal reflection microscope, "in the new microscope, only the light gathering HIV virus cell surface, thereby to focus on the cell surface and the fine details. "

When a beam of light through the lens when shooting at the cell surface, the energy from the light will be straight forward communication, illuminating the entire cell.

But when the beam is folded into a small acute angle, the light energy will be reflected back only from the cell surface, but only illuminate a thin outer wall of cells. They are constantly adjusting refraction angle, has been incredible results.

The formation of the virus throughout the process takes 5-6 minutes to

Confucianism and Buddhism both within and Sangdiximeng eventually become the first record of the HIV-formation time people. Their conclusion is that: HIV virus from the beginning to the final shape, a total of only 5-6 minutes. "In the past, we have the formation of the time knew nothing about the virus, which is the first time people can clearly see the birth of a virus entity. Not only HIV, but also all viruses!"

Within Confucianism and Buddhism, said: "Using this technology almost no limitations."

Formation of the virus in the cell surface

To prove the virus is assembled at the cell surface to form, rather than in the formation of cells, the research team with the human immunodeficiency virus protein "glutamate" protein made in the experiment. Researchers coated with fluorescent protein molecules placed in cells close to cell wall location. As the molecules together, the fluorescence color change. When a sufficient number of such protein molecules together, they will be gathered together into a ball. Therefore, by looking at the molecules in the cell or cell-surface aggregation, will be able to determine the specific location of the formation of the virus.

They found that the virus protein molecule isolated from the cell wall out walk to the cell surface, and then gathered together to form a large package, eventually this big package separate from the cell surface to form an independent body with a contagious virus. From this perspective, the virus body is an independent entity, is no longer associated with the development of its mother cell of any liquid interaction.

Through these means of optics and physiology, the research team observed that the virus eventually gathered to form a packet tilting the final out of the mother's every step to understand the whole life process of the virus.

The treatment of AIDS have a significant impact

Scientists participating in the project said it was the first time humans saw the process of creation of HIV. This may be not only the gospel of millions of people living with AIDS, are more likely to rewrite the way scientists are thinking that their test was again a step forward. Since the use of this technology almost no limitations.

Within Confucianism and Buddhism, said: "Now we can really see the birth of a virus! This will enable us to explain many of the past simply can not explain the problem, whether in the virology field, or the entire field of biology."

Rockefeller University, Laboratory Director Paul retrovirus, said: "I think once you really see all of this, rather than through other means of technical reasoning, the process of imagination when they occur, your whole way of thinking will enter a new level. "

In their view, it would be the treatment and cure of AIDS have an enormous impact .

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