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Western anti-viral therapy, traditional Chinese medicine to protect liver

Updated: Sunday, Oct 18,2009, 8:31:39 AM
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Liver specimens with both Chinese and Western rule

In recent years, Jinan, Zhongshan Hospital, Liver Diseases Branch in Jinan, liver disease is committed to promoting "viral hepatitis diagnosis and treatment guidelines" and become a leader in liver disease treatment industry norm, and is China Foundation for Hepatitis Prevention "Hope Home" identified as the first Jinan designated medical institutions, liver disease diagnosis and treatment by the industry and the many patients at home.

Long course of chronic liver disease, treatment is more complex. How to cure liver disease, to restore a healthy body and a normal life? Liu An Zhuren hospital liver specialist, said proper treatment, reasonable care, and health psychology is to be the rehabilitation of patients with chronic hepatitis 3 **** treasure antiviral therapy in patients at the same time, pay attention to Liver, Liver, symptoms must strengthen our foundation. Long treatment in patients with chronic liver disease liver disease experts can call
086-0531-85922222 Reservation pulse.

Integrated Chinese and Western government has transferred

Liu Jian clinical and research work in liver disease more than 30 years, not only familiar with the new treatment of liver diseases at home and abroad recognized the progress and scientific research, but also for Chinese traditional medicine has a deep research in liver disease treatment, out of a practiced medicine for the fundamental, adopted the essence of traditional Chinese medicine with Western medicine in the road. In his view, chronic viral hepatitis is usually longer duration, and course of the disease than the back and forth. Therefore, the liver needs "seven parts to support two-thirds rule" in the treatment of chronic hepatitis, we should side with Western medicine for anti-viral treatment, while using traditional Chinese medicine nursed back to health. Clinical evidence, Chinese medicine in liver protection, protecting liver, prevent and reverse liver fiber has a unique effect.

Gongzhu Ren said, facing forward to the early stage of hepatitis, liver fibrosis is a risk that if the time that the use of Chinese medicine practitioners to rest up, will receive a very good effect. Chinese medicine can be Huoxue Sanjie, heat Lishi, Shugan Qi, Qi spleen, kidney tonic, which on the one hand to clear the residual inflammation, on the other hand can enhance the body's resistance to the promotion of damaged liver tissue structure and function of the recovery to prevent liver fibrosis and cirrhosis from happening.

In patients with liver disease life stress

Deputy Director Liu also indicated that patients with chronic hepatitis should pay attention to self-regulation and improve our bad habits.

In the diet, it should be light, spicy and greasy ring; eat more fruits, vegetables and other foods rich in vitamins, smoking cessation should also be alcohol, tobacco and alcohol on the liver damage due to very wide.

In the living area, pay attention to work and rest. "People were lying blood attributed to liver", adequate sleep is important for the rehabilitation of liver disease should be the law of rest, try to avoid late at night.

Emotional aspects of chronic liver disease should remain optimistic, self-confidence, and foster the confidence to overcome liver disease. Chinese believe that people have "joy, anger, worry, thinking, sadness, fear, panic," the impassioned, if there is a strong or long-term stimulation of the seven emotions, it will disrupt the body's normal physiological activities, organs function has blood disorders, production of disease-causing or aggravating. "Liver anger, anger is the liver injury," in patients with chronic hepatitis due to chronic illness, mental stress, emotional unstable, and this particular attention to maintaining a good attitude, so as not to affect the liver recovered.

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