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Treatment of psoriasis must adjust their mentality

Updated: Sunday, Oct 18,2009, 2:47:01 PM
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After the occurrence of psoriasis in patients with protracted process due to chronic disease psoriasis, skin lesions and the appearance of indecent talk or worry about being discriminated against and form a larger distance the psychological pressure on the development of the disease and efficacy. Mental factor is secreted through the nervous system induced by a number of cellular and molecular changes in immune cell subsets, followed by secretion of immunomodulatory cytokines, cytokines and neurotransmitters through access to play lead endocrine, neurological and immune system regulating role, and the immune system and nervous systems and the promotion of mutual restraint.

Mental factors on the effect of psoriasis urban than in rural areas, young children, higher than in women than in men of three high features, this may be because the fast-paced life of urban residents, who work intensely heavy, highly competitive and psychological pressure ; youth and middle-aged study, the workload is heavy, competitive employment opportunities and also many problems to be solved; women than men have a better mental capacity of a weak focus on appearance and instrumentation related. Therefore, patients with psoriasis should adjust attitude, face up to the existence of disease to relieve psychological pressure, to avoid restlessness, maintaining peaceful state of mind and optimism emotional stability, and actively accept the true and scientific treatment measures, as long as they persevere and ultimately the condition of psoriasis can be control and mitigation.

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