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The proved prescription secret recipe of dysentery

Updated: Sunday, Apr 12,2009, 7:35:33 PM
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    Zhang Xi2 Chun2:The Xie manages soup, cure the diarrhea red white, the stomach is painful, the inside is nasty heavy behind.Cure a Jin Li again.
    Living 24 grams of honey-suckle of mountain medicine 15 grams to living Hang Shao 13 grams of golLongBiao

Zhang Xi2 Chun2:The Xie manages soup, cure the diarrhea red white, the stomach is painful, the inside is nasty heavy behind.Cure a Jin Li again. Living 24 grams of honey-suckle of mountain medicine 15 grams to living Hang Shao 13 grams of gol...

The proved prescription secret recipe of dysentery

The Xie manages soup, cure the diarrhea red white, the stomach is painful, the inside is nasty heavy behind.Cure a Jin Li again.

[Cures a square]


    Zhang Xi2 Chun2:The Xie manages soup, cure the diarrhea red white, the stomach is painful, the inside is nasty heavy behind.Cure a Jin Li again.
    Living 24 grams of honey-suckle of mountain medicine 15 grams to living Hang Shao 13 grams of golden threads with 6 grams of licorices with 6 grams of burdock root sons(fry, Dao)4.5 grams of cinnamons(go to thick skin, is fried medicine to several Feis again go into)4.5 gram
    Single and red Li add to living a ground of Yu 6 grams;Single and white Li add ginger 6 grams;Blood Li, add duck's egg son 20 grains(go to skin), medicine juice sends.
    The Yu usually uses the person whom this square cure too much and the regardless new Li, long Li all can use.The B ugly spring meets the Cang state city south proper Qing white gentleman in the Cang state, the non- industry cures but reads to cure a book so and talk its clan a younger brother a year is 30 remainings, suffer from Li for year, 100 medicines not effect, gradually go to lie a bed not to rise, for open this square to teach it, take 3 completely recovered.
-《Three wests in Zhong 》last volume


[Dialectics square]


1, cold certificate


    The Ran is first virtuous:Add and subtract a peach blossom soup square, come from first the father Ran snow Feng a Sir 《eight method effect the square raise a corner 》, at first for the square who treat dysentery in the experience effect square, the lord cures heavy certificate dysentery, then the bloody pus be not only.The chronic non- particularity ulcer the colon be burning, as well with bloody pus then is main disease, because of try with this square cure, meet with a good effect each time.
    Red stone fat 60 grams of stems 3 grams(the cannon half be black) of Yi Rens 30 grams of melon petal 12 gram
Ascend 4 flavors, red stone fat 2/3 Cuos, 1/3 Shai end, water is 5 cups and cook the whole piece of stone fat, stem, melon petal and Yi Ren to make familiar, take one cup half, go to Zi, the Na stone fat end, the day is 2 and the night is 1.

    Piece X X, female, 27 years old, in Peking county machine factory worker.Suffer from the chronic non- particularity ulcer colon to blaze for 3 years, move bowels bloody pus, day 7-10 times, then hour inside nasty heavy behind, the stomachache isn't great, once in Peking the sixth hospital made B form colon a mirror check, the colon department Chong blood was swollen, thered is issue of blood to order with ulcerate cooking stove, the Die use variety anti-virus vegetable, the Huang An medicine was invalid.Although sufferer's age is young, complexion{white light}white, the body be emaciated, arms and legs not, the tongue quality is thin, Tai thin Huang2 Ni4, the vein sink slippery.Draw up a square:The red stone fat is 30 grams(Cuo, 2/3 people fried, 1/3 divide 2 times blunt), dry 6 gram, living Yi Ren 30 grams, the wax gourd son is 9 grams, water fried, day 2 times.Take this square's 5, the bloody pus then downs sharply, move bowels number of times to also reduce, day 2-3 times, the stomachache, inside are nasty behind heavy also immediately ease.The square enters 5 again at first, the bloody pus then disappear, move bowels amount of color normally, take shape, day once.After adjust reason appetite's conduct and actions to rehabilitate by four gentleman soups, made track for to visit and relapse for a year.
-《Cure a case to cure words Hui to want 》


2, hot certificate


    Zhu Liang2 Chun:Chronic dysentery and colon burning, over a long period of time diarrhea, hour light hour play, the Die doesn't more cure, tie up the Mian difficult solution, the dialectics usually current Pi falsely annoys weak phenomenon, and then the existence hot and damp sojourn of, present truth or falsity to mix up of advertise for elephant, on the treatment since want to repair Pi Lian Yin, and then want pure turn hot and damp, as a result created fairy Jie soup, cure this disease, obtain curative effect of show the Zhao relatively.

    Stork grass 15~30 grams of black plum Tans with 6 grams of balloonflowers 4.5 grams of white Jins spend 9 grams to fry white Shu 9 grams of wide wood joss-stick 4.5 grams of white Shao 9 grams fry a betel nut 1.2 grams of licorices 4.5 gram.
-《 The road of the old Chinese medicine 》 (a)


    Zhang Xi2 Chun2:Counteract poison bio-chemical Dan, cure Li long Yu heat to living poison, putrefied always slice in the bowel pain, heavy behind, descend many lousy meat, and is corrupt smelly.The honey-suckle is 30 grams, living Hang Shao 18 grams, the powder licorice is 9 grams, 37(the Dao be thin)6 grams, the duck's egg son(go to skin, the Jian become solid) is 60 grains.Last medicine 5 flavors, first will 37, duck's egg son
    Turn water to send with the white sand sugar, the time takes remaining medicine fried soup.The disease heavy, the beard takes 2 to start and can take effect on the first.
-《Three wests in Zhong 》last volume


    Chen2 Shi4 Duo2:The person has hot and damp to make Li, greatly thirsty lead to drink, after drink again not and very quick, Ao Nong in heart, urinate disadvantageous, red and white intermingled, the Nong non- Nong, the blood non- blood, this ising very hot has never solve it past also.The square uses to reinforce body fluid Li Dan.
    White Shao 30 grams of Chinese angelicas 30 grams of greatly yellow 9 gramses before car son 15 grams of betel nuts 6 grams of turnip son 9 gram
    Water fried.A bloody pus reduce, 2 Ao Nongs in addition to, 3 thirsty solution, but Li as well Yi.
-《The dialectics be strange to smell 》winding four


    The leaf keep medium:Read Sun Si Miao3 《have a nasty daughter to want a square 》winding 15th times, discover that Sun Shi4 once suffered from this disease, the original text say:"Cure the hot poison descends black blood, five inside wring to slice a pain, around-the-clock 100 lines, draw last breath desire dead square:The golden thread is 10 grams, main beam of boat, the white Shu be a 6 gram for each, gum, dry, Chinese angelica, the red stone fat be a 9 gram for each, attach son 3 grams and water is 4000 milliliters, cook to take 2000 milliliters and divide 5.Remaining with positive view July 12, three years, suddenly get this hot and poisonous Li, go to the 15th, life desire unique, the place is this square medicine, entrance namely settle."The clansmen is some, suffer from then blood, the hour deliver, few year not more, the pure blood descend, the limb is heavy slacken in work,


The hour feels heart palpitates, don't have no the bitterness.To my Suo square, namely book Sun Shi4 daughter hot and poisonous Li square with it, take several bloods.The next year relapse and still take front but more, hereafter unexpectedly relapsed.
-《 The old Chinese medicine cure words 》


    Zhao4 Xue2 Min3:Cut Li
    Wood terrapin Ren 6(grind mire, the cent makes 2) noodles baked wheat cake 1(slice to make two halfs)
    Make one Qiao just with the half a round flat cake, Na medicine at inside, multiply by hot Fu on patient Qi, at that time change a half hot round flat cake again, its Li namely, hence think food.

-《The string weaves inside friendship 》book a


    Green river bank gentleman:Cure a Jin Li.Live shrimp Ma 1 to smash, plus good musk 1.8 gram, pound evenly, stick Qi up, with the cloth tie tightly, half day namely food, recover from illness on the twoth.

-《The life a life time weave 》the bottom of book


    Mou Zhong Chun:Cure blood Li painful very soup liquid, the Zhong Chun spread from wrap a Rui river to learn Xian, try of miraculous effect.
    White Shao medicine(the wine fry)15 grams of Zhi hull(the Huai flower together fries and go to Huai flower)15 grams rise 2 grams of true Chuan golden thread(ginger ale fry) of hemp(the vinegar fry) 15 grams of soapstone ends 9 grams of frankincense myrrhs each 2.3 grams of licorices with 9 grams of hawthorn meat 1.5 gram
-《Wide notes 》book a

    Zhu Xiao3 Nan2:Cure a Jin epidemic disease Li a square, the double Tan drink.

    Honey-suckle Tan 6 grams of familiar soldier Tans 2.4 grams of planks blue root 15 grams of red Shaos 9 grams of white Shu 6 grams of gold inside chickens 9 grams of yellow Qin 6 grams connect to raise 6 grams of Chen2 Pi2's 3 grams

    Shanghai together life hall nun root in the nunnery Fang, year already 60 remaining year old, suffer from dysentery, then descend bloody pus, the Ou bad Pin make, don't eat for few days, the state of mind is misty, on the brink of death, on the dying bed already in February remaining.Postpone the my late father makes a diagnosis and give treatment, think that the disease fastens hot and damp to hand over Zu, hence blunt appetite, with the result that the Jin doesn't eat, the poison is evil blazing, cause state of mind collapsed and fainted, is place above, the Zhu slowly feeds by small spoon.A few entrances, the Ou is negative is, exert 1, the state of mind has been pure and the Ou is bad to stop but the number of times of diarrhea also reduce;2 can rise to sit behind, get sick good greater half, reply through adjust a reason but more.
-《The modern Chinese medicine flow parties experience selected works 》


3, falsely certificate


    Liao's spring is pure:Connect the plum soup derive from 《Wen Bing4 Tiao2 Bian 》, add flavor in clinical last under medical treatment toxicity germ Li with this, yield results very Jie.

    Golden thread 2 grams of black plums 2 grams of wheat winter 6 grams living ground 6 grams gum 5 grams of root of straight ladybell 6 grams of stone Hus 6 grams of papayas 6 grams of ginseng 2 gram(8 quantity of month kid)
    Water fried, the day takes 1.
-《Thousand wonderful square 》last volume


    Qiu2 Pei4 however:Together grasping Hui is togetheran again spread of the comfortable Zhao pupil, cure to gain considerable fame at that time.Accidentally read it to cure a case, carry one patient"suffer from Li purely red, go to for a daytime several times, the medical treatment have no achievement, beg to cure.BE saving with day teacher unique absolute being Dan, the square uses Chinese angelica, the white Shao be a 60 gram for each, Zhi hull, betel nut, licorice, soapstone, Lai Fu the son be a 9 gram for each, whet a wide wood fragrant 3 gramses to adjust medicine water, again with bitter Xie juice take it, a light, 2, 3 completely recovered."I rejoice with wild joy after read, so square I once for many times used for the Wei heavy dysentery but saw a strange effect.
 -《Pot day spread Mo 》


4, substantial evidence


    Zhao4 Xue2 Min3:Cut Xie pill, cure the whole long Xies, the various medicine is invalid and take this from more.
    Yellow Dan(once fly) the withered Fan is yellow the wax 30 gram for each pomegranate skin 24 gram
    Melt a wax inside small copper Shao, grind thin end devotion by 3 flavors, such as Dan and Fan...etc. again, multiply by hot is pill, such as green lentil big, hollow take 5 pills, red Li pure tea bottom, white Li soup bottom.
-《The string weaves inside friendship 》book a


    Fan4 Wen2 Hu3:Cure the long benefit descends the blood square bowel red pill, cure rest Li, descend a red and white thing, heavy empress have nasty inside, very valid.
    Bitterness three son(crow egg son)120 grams(go to hull, grind a thin end) of black date 20(cook soft to check)
    Will up the medicine total Dao be like mire, is a pill, such as Wu son big, dry.Take 10~20 grains each time, the day takes 3 times.
-《The modern Chinese medicine flow parties experience selected works 》


    Dong3 Ting2 Yao2:The gall of bear infuses a bowel, in common use square, who is the epidemic disease poisonous Li first aid, its effect is sort of satisfaction.
    Gall of bear 0.6 grams of spring beauties 15 grams of yellow cypresses be 12 grams of white skin 15 gram
    Descend blood manies, add bitter three 9 gramses.Use water 200 milliliters, fry to 30 milliliters, reserve to infuse bowel, everyday 1~2 times.
-《The young section Chu talk 》


[The food treats a square]


    Zhang Ru3 Wei3:In 1920, it is 27 years old to suffer from the bottom of the Li hour year, a day and night 2310 times, the inside is nasty heavy behind, the red white all has.Remaining realize is the feeling is hot and evil, and carries to accumulate Zhi but rises and adopt simple food therapy, use to living Ou 90 grams, the son of Lai Fu is 12 grams, red the sand sugar be 90 grams, 3 flavors cook soft a food it, connect take 56 times, namely the number of times reduce, didn't glue a jelly, not on the third but more.It, use this method behind to cure other patients, as well same get effect.
-《Old Chinese medicine experience in Shanghai choose a plait 》


    Zhao4 Xue2 Min3:Medicine plum cure dysentery.
    Wood wood fragrant Huang2 Qin2 Zi3, Su, sand Ren mint 250 gram for each greengage 2500 grams burn wine 2500 grams
    The day of the Dragon Boat Festival goes into a bottle and seal solid, can use in January, eats 2 namely more.
-《String Ya3 Wai4 Bian 》winding three


    Zhang Xi2 Chun2:The beginning of dysentery gets, use hawthorn 30 grams, the red and white cane sugar is a 15 gram for each, good hair sharp tea-leaf 4.5 gram.BE fried hawthorn to soup, sugar and tea-leaf while immersing a slice in the cover bowl drink it namely more.
-《Three wests in Zhong 》medium volume


    Zhao4 Xue2 Min3:Cure various color Li.
    Orange round flat cake 30 grams of dried longan meat 15 grams of rock sugar 15 gram
    Water 2s be fried, Lou a night, Wen Fu2;Not Lou may also.Go to a heavy however 23, all the absolute being check.
-《Chinese Herbal Materia Medica ten loose 》book seven


    Ten thousand Qian Zhais:Dysentery strange effect square, don't stick to red white long and near all cure.
    Turnip(however draw from however juice)2 wine cups living old half wine cup to living honey 1 wine cup the 1 of Chen2 Xi4 Cha2(thick fried) mix completely to take.If    Have no fresh turnip, or use Chen2 Gan turnip vegetables fried water;Or use turnip son more, cold water once immersed and the Dao took juice.
    Suffered from Li day and night not only, more can't sleep for 28 nights, the medicine poor one who treat to die, use this 1 namely Anne, 3 completely recovered.
-《The life a life time lately weaves 》


    The Gong court is wise:Cure dysentery.
    The big regiment fish is 1, water cooks to bowel A, add ginger 7 slices, the sand sugar is one small piece, need not salt sauce, go into the rice flour less to make a thick soup to eat 1~2, its Li sign.

-《Ten thousand diseases bring back to life 》winding three

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