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The course of treatment of psoriasis is very important spiritual factors

Updated: Sunday, Oct 18,2009, 2:51:09 PM
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Other incentive in addition to hereditary psoriasis, mainly including mental, emotional, infections, as well as climate, environment, geography and so on. So in these factors, which factor in a greater risk of the disease do?

According to psoriasis expert Statistics: After going through major life events in patients with the disease about 30% to 50%, due to mental stress and aggravated skin lesions in patients with recurrent or about 70% ~ 80%. In the same standard, psoriasis patients with depression measured value is high, psoriasis patients, 79% of the private prosecution in the spirit of depression.

In some psoriasis patients, especially those age older middle-aged patients, often due to encounter certain adverse events, such as work by the unexpected blow, or career, loved ones died a sudden, emotional experience failure and long-term depression, mental stress, more sudden onset. Combined with clinical experience, we have found that psychological factors are both important factors leading to the pathogenesis of psoriasis, but also led to an important factor for recurrent disease.

Multi-drug therapy in addition the net blood-Oral drugs, is also advocated the spirit of factors, from the start with the patient's spiritual shackles off solution.

First of all multi-drug therapies require clear the blood in patients with a net to keep optimistic, stable mood, treat the disease. "Sick as a mountain inverted" When the patients were diagnosed as psoriasis after the first of a kind of fear of the disease, huge mental stress, such as Taishanyading, this psychological burden is more a direct result of endocrine disorders, immune capacity plummeted will make the disease more difficult to governance. Therefore, it is very important in patients with emotional disturbance. Necessary to stabilize the emotions proper way to treat the disease. Diseases like spring, you weak-it strong, and strong he was afraid of you. Do not see it looks very scary, it is merely a paper tiger paper tiger only, nothing terrible. Moreover psoriasis are not cancer, it's just affect our beauty, does not affect our health. Even cancer, there are a lot of people through the mental attitude of optimism to overcome disease and restore health.

In our life, everyone will encounter this kind of difficulties and challenges, and even encounter a wide variety of life regrets, but more often than not these regrets affected our quality of life, but our own hearts. There are a lot of bad things getting bigger, not regret their own cause, but our hearts the idea of an uncivilized lead. Since we missed the moon, then would not have missed the stars of the.

Therefore, the positive attitude of optimism with the Chinese consumer silver activation therapy, you can easily overcome psoriasis only paper tigers. Secondly, we patients resist pressure to raise and train a good frame of mind. Center of life we have seen a wide body of people will get fat, the mentality of people is always a good health and longevity. The majority of anti-stress in patients with psoriasis are relatively poor, tend to show the face of frustration, depression, insomnia, bad mood and so impatient. These feelings will be a long time even healthy people sick. At the same time and human psoriasis is also related to physical character. Patients mostly introverted, depressed people. Such people less likely to control their own emotions. Not liking the face of things, is often tolerated, does not know that the word tolerance head a knife, a long time, like depression, like the more hold back the water reservoir the higher one day spate of breaches out. It will not go out of the formation of disease. Therefore, we must want to cure psoriasis with multi-drug therapy Qingxue a net positive to ease bad mood. Dayu flood control just like a person's bad mood is not easy to block Yi Shu.

In addition you want to get rid of negative emotional problems, they must maintain a good attitude, good attitude, not only for the adjustment would be a very good mood, their way of thinking should also be patient to learn, to know how to use reverse thinking, learn to bypass obstacles, can not be a tendon, is a leaf covered not see Mount Tai.

To sum up, as long as the use of multi-drug therapy and blood-net patients to actively cooperate with the psychological treatment, psoriasis only the devil can be defeated completely.

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