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TCM prescription Introduce

Updated: Tuesday, Mar 10,2009, 2:39:02 PM
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Training requirements has a long history considerably. From the primitive Chinese society, our ancestors have discovered, going in search of food, medicines and used for curative purposes. Initially, they used a single drug dose. But long practice, they recognized that a recipe composed of two or more drugs proved more advantageous for the treatment of diseases, and various requirements have been gradually formed. Wushi'er Bingfang (The requirements for the fifty-two types of diseases) is the oldest form extantmedical with a collection of over 280 orders, most of which consist of fewer ingredients, the dosages rough, simple forms of preparations and stock requirements, which reflect the simplicity of the first requirements. Neijing Huangdi (Huangdi's Classic on Medicine) written in the Period of Spring and Autumn and Warring States period, but only 13 of the requirements for registration with simple ingredients, dosage forms include as decoction, pill, powder, ointment, tablet alcohol and drugs.
Requirements of science is a subject on the treatment and theories of the compatibility requirements and the clinical application. Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is one of the most important basic courses and has a close relationship with all other branches clinic in conjunction with the basic theories of clinical practice. An order consists of certain medications and appropriate doses based on the etiology of the syndrome differentiation and treatment of the composition in accordance with the principle of the formulation of an order. It serves as a primary means of treatment of clinical disease.
1.Purgative Prescriptions of Cold Nature
2.Prescriptions for Warming the Middle-energizer to Dispel Col
3.Composition and modification of requirements

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