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Prescriptions of Usage

Updated: Friday, Oct 16,2009, 11:55:58 AM
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Use Ordinances
It includes two main aspects: the method of decocting drugs and how medications and can help to ensure and even improve the therapeutic effect when used correctly. This attention should be paid.
Methods Decocting Drugs
Of all the forms mentioned above, the broth is most often used. He must be prepared with an appropriate method in accordance with the properties of the drug and the disease state. Otherwise, it will affect the therapeutic effect.
Ship Decocting Drugs
It is desirable to use clay pots or pot, and then comes enameled or aluminum products. However, products of iron or copper are allowed, because some drugs, when heated with iron and copper, can cause precipitation, the lower solubility or even lead to chemical reactions and side effects. In addition, it is advisable to use a pan with a great potential to provide favorable conditions for the boiling of a drug, not boiling, to accelerate the extraction of active ingredients. In addition, the coverage needed to prevent water from evaporating too quickly, which is not good for the complete extraction of active ingredients.
Water for drug Decocting
The water used must be pure and clean, except for certain special needs. Tap water, well water or distilled water may be used. Our ancestors used to have running water, spring water, wild cabbage, and rice wash water for washing water. Sometimes it is necessary to use aqueous or wine on the characteristics of medications and disease state. The amount of water used depends on the quantity and quality of medicines and time. Readiness parts herbal dry and can absorb large quantities of water once said, enough water must be put in a pot to cook the drug. Usually, the dose of medication twice a decoction, or about three times. For decocting First, water is added to drugs 3 to 5 cm under water, and less water can be used for decocting second and third, each of which is 100 - 200 ml broth
Fire on the drug Decocting
It includes a light sweet and heavy fire, according to the latest decocting fast and slow decocting Yugoslavia. Usually, a large fire is used until the water boils, then the soft light of a certain duration. Besides the selection of a fire on the base property of drug and time. A large fire is preferable to drugs with the function of facilitating syndrome abroad, and promote diuresis, which decoction little time and a relatively small amount of water.
However, the soft light is suitable for drugs with functions that feeds decoction over time and the amount of water. In the case of drugs were burned, they must be discarded to avoid adverse reactions.
Methods for drug Decocting
Drugs decoction after being soaked in 20 to 30 minutes so that the active elements can be easily decoction Out. Special decocting
methods should be specified in the recipe.
First boiling
Shells and minerals, hard as it is difficult to extract the active ingredients and must be defeated first decoction for about 20 minutes before adding other drugs, for example, Guiban (Plasstrum Testudines) Biejia (Carapax Trionycis) Shijueming (Concha abalone), fresh Malla (Concha Ostreae) Daizheshi (ocher Haematitum) Longgu (OsDraconis) Shigao (gypsum fibrosum) and CISH (Magnetiturn), etc. Some of the drugs, with much sand and dirt as Zaoxintu (clay), Nuodaogen (Radix Oryzae Glutinoae), and certain drugs, but in light of the large doses, such as Lügen (Rhizoma Phragmites) Xiakucao (Spica Prunellae), all the decoction be the first to bring to clarify the juice, in which other drugs decoction, but not in water. It should be noted in the recipe.
Boil the following
Essential drugs, which operates through its essential oil should be added to the mix and brew only about 3 minutes, so that their active elements, which are easily volatilized, delayed, such as Bohemia (Herba Menthae), Sharen (Fructus mace), Doukou (Amomum Kravanh) and so on. When Dahuang (Radix Rhizama Rey ET) is mainly used for cleaning, it should brew for 5 to 10 minutes. All drugs for decoction later should also be washed in the first place.
Boil packaged medicines
Some drugs Inna shuold be wrapped gauze before decoction of other drugs in casethey can make broth disorder produce irritation of the throat or stick to the pan bottom as Chishizhi (Halloysitum rubrum), Huashi (talc) , Cheqianzi (Semen plantaginis) Xuanfuhua (Flos Inulae) Puhuang (pollen Typhae) and so on.
Bake or boil separately
Some rare and expensive drugs should be decoction or boiled separately, to prevent their active ingredients are absorbed by other drugs when concoction together. For example, Rensheng (Radix Ginseng), must be cut into small pieces and place in a bowl with a lid and simmered in a saucepan for 1 to 2 hours. Other rare drugs, the active element is difficult to be the nature decoction, as Lingyangjiao (Horned Antelopes), Shulniujiao (Cornu Bubali) should be taken into thin slices and decoction only 2 hours, with the broth for d ' other drugs. Otherwise, they can get the land into a fine powder for oral administration, and the concoction of drugs.
Melt Heating
A little glue, sticky and easily soluble drugs, as Ejiao (Call Corii Asini) Lujiaojiao (Worms Call Cornus) Guibanjiao (Call restudinis Plastre), maltose, honey, etc., must be dissolved by heating separately to prevent them from sticking to the pan, burning, or adherence to other drugs, which affect their therapeutic effect. Before you take by mouth, they must be cooked with the broth of other drugs with a low heat, or mixed, while still hot.
Infuse for oral use
Some aromatic or rare drugs that are not suitable for heating or boiling should be broken down into fine powder to be taken after that is poured into a solution of drug or boiled water warm as Niuhuang (Calculus Boris ), Artificial Shexiang (Mosehus), HUPO (Succinum). Besidespowder fresh juices and herbs should also be taken after brewing, for example, Zixu (powder), Chenxiang (Ligrum Aquilariae Resinatum powder), Rougui (Cortex cinnamomi powder), Shensanqi (Radix Notoginseng) powder, juice lotus root and fresh carrot juice and fresh etc.
In addition, binds the grass should be well packed for juice left after the broth is made to increase the rate of production of drugs.

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