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Prescriptions for Nourishing Yin

Updated: Thursday, May 06,2010, 9:08:43 PM
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Administration. Decoct the first ingredient into ointment, which is then mixed well with the fine powder of the rest and made into boluses by adding honey; take 9 g each time and twice daily with warm boiled water or with light salty water. Or prepare them into decoction with dosages in proportion to the original recipe.
Actions: Nourishing yin and reinforcing the kidney, replenishing essence to benefit the marrow.
Clinical Application: This recipe is indicated for syndrome of deficiency of genuine yin, marked by vertigo, soreness of the waist and knees, seminal emission or spermatorrhea, night sweat, spontaneous perspiration, dry mouth and tongue, reddened tongue with little fur, thready pulse. It is applicable to chronic nephritis, hypertension, infertility, osteoporosis, diabetes and others, which pertain to the syndrome of deficiency of genuine yin. In case of upward flaming of fire, subtract No. 3 and No. 7 and add Nvzhenzi (Fructus Ligustri Lucidi) and Maimendong (Radix Ophiopogonis ) to nourish yin and clear awayheat. In case of steaming sensation in bones and hectic fever, add Digupi ( Cortex Lycii Radicis) to clear away heat of deficiency type. In case of dry stool, subtract No. 6 and add Roucongrong (Herba Cistanchis) instead to moisten the intestine for relieving constipation.
Elucidation: The syndrome results from deficiency of kidney-yin, consumption of essence and marrow. It should be treated by nourishing kidney-yin to replenish essence and supplement marrow. With a larger dosage, the first ingredient is meant to replenish kidney essence and used as monarch drug. Acting as minister drug, ingredients No. 4 and No. 3 invigorate the liver and kidney, and preserve essence and improve eyesight. Ingredients No. 7 and No. 8 are miracle drugs for replenishing essence and marrow. Besides, No. 7 is capable of invigorating the kidney-yang and, when in compatibility with drugs for nourishing yin, enhancing such effect. This is known as "treating yin within yang". Ingredient No. 2 possesses the actions of reinforcing the spleen and kidney and consolidating essence, No. 6 invigorating the kidney and liver and improving eyesight, and No. 5 invigorating the liver and kidney and strengthening the waist and knees. The above five ingredients play the role of adjuvant drugs. All ingredients together greatly reinforce genuine yin and kidney essence without any purgative effect.

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