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Kidney Disease And Diabetes

Updated: Thursday, Aug 27,2009, 10:20:01 AM
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Kidney problems can affect anyone who has diabetes. Preventing these problems begins with a healthy diet and exercise regime. This is perhaps the best way to prevent many complications when a person has diabetes. By lowering one's sugar intake, the kidneys will be able to function normally. When a person has a poor diet, the kidneys have to work more than normal to rid the body of waste. This can cause kidney failure over time.

Of the many complications associated with diabetes, kidney failure is the one that can do the most damage to the body. People who have had the disease for a long time may develop kidney problems in the later stages of diabetes. Many people will need to be on dialysis until a replacement kidney can be found. During the early stages of kidney damage, there are medications available that can slow the process. Though these medications are not a cure, they will help to slow the effects so that one can alter their diet before the damage is worsened. Kidney failure can occur at any time if the damage is left untreated. Once the kidneys begin to shut down, there is little that can be done.


Knowing the possible risks involved in not practicing good eating habits is usually enough to get a person motivated to change their eating habits. Smoking and drinking excessively can also affect the kidneys when a person has diabetes. It is recommended that a person stop these behaviors as soon as they can.


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