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Enteritis proved prescription secret recipe

Updated: Sunday, Apr 12,2009, 7:41:20 PM
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Chen2 Ze2 Lin2:I once followed behind my father to wait on to diagnose before and see him having one in general use square to various chronic diarrhea:Huo SuLongBiao

Chen2 Ze2 Lin2:I once followed behind my father to wait on to diagnose before and see him having one in general use square to various chronic diarrhea:Huo Su's Geng 9 gram for each, big belly skin 9 gram, Geng grass 9 gram, pale Shu 9 gram for each, F...

Enteritis proved prescription secret recipe

The fairy spreads gold Dan, particularly cure the whole cold and hot and hot and wet epidemics, 4:00 of emotional stirrings iniquity Hui spirit.And cure the whole stomachaches and leak Xie, red white Li, and wring diseases, such as bowel cholera, spot Sha and a cough...etc..
[Cures a square]


    Ten thousand Qian Zhais:The fairy spreads gold Dan, particularly cure the whole cold and hot and hot and wet epidemics, 4:00 of emotional stirrings iniquity Hui spirit.And cure the whole stomachaches and leak Xie, red white Li, and wring diseases, such as bowel cholera, spot Sha and a cough...etc..
    Take over the true Chuan connects 72 grams to take over 18 grams(go to heart) of dry of true fritillary 72 grams of Huos a fragrant leaf 9 grams of wide Chen2 Pi29 grams of yellow Qin 63 grams(the wine fry) of lilacs 9 grams of Jing Jie Sui 9 grams of Bi Bas 18 grams of sand Rens 9 grams(go to hull) of malt 9 gram(fry) before car son 18 gram(Bo go to empty hull, float skin, want to be clean)

    Above total the medicine be 12 flavors, the beard chooses tunnel to anticipate, can't add and subtract divide two, total squeeze juice for the pill with the fresh lotus leaf for the thin end, don't  use honey, the pill is about heavy 4 gramses each time.1 pills can save one person, child half pill, the boiled water send bottom, although the disease be heavy, 2 pills necessarily more.However hate fish along while after take.

    BE a square cure in response to sign more, cover another place to usually be partial to cold be partial to hot, however this square cold hot hand over to make, hot and wet all proper, although the medicine flavor be mild, but the efficacy very and absolutely not to despise.

-《The life a life time lately weaves 》


    Chen2 Ze2 Lin2:I once followed behind my father to wait on to diagnose before and see him having one in general use square to various chronic diarrhea:Huo Su's Geng 9 gram for each, big belly skin 9 gram, Geng grass 9 gram, pale Shu 9 gram for each, Fu Ling 12 gram, red white Shao 15 gram for each, Zhi licorice 9 grams, Chuan plain 9 grams, the wood joss-stick be 9 grams, malt 15 gram for each in the valley.This spreads to add and subtract, but useds for chronic to leak Xie for the Huo fragrant sense of right, there is also better curative effect.

-《Experience essence of the famous doctor special features 》


[Dialectics square]


1, cold certificate


    The burnt tree is virtuous:Everyday midnight after, morning ago, bowel Ming diarrhea 1~2 times, once in a very long while not more.I cure this certificate, often with view Yue nine Dans be reasonable medium pill method, add and subtract with the certificate, make into under:
    Rehmannia(the sand Ren mix)12 gram systems attach a slice 8 grams of meat nutmegs 10 grams of Wu2 Zhu Yu2 6 grams to repair a bone a fat 10 grams of fruit of Chinese magnoliavine 9 grams of cannon stem 6 grams of parties three 10 grams of white Shu 9 grams of Zhi grasses 3 grams of Fu Lings 15 grams of He sons be 6 grams of another with Fu dragon the liver be 80 grams of fried soup generation water with boil herbal medicine.
    This square to Pi kidney two falsely with the result that of chronic leak Xie(include etc. of chronic enteritis, tubercle enteritis, chronic dysentery) to all have better curative effect, can connect to take several.

-《Experience essence of the famous doctor special features 》


    Allow an uncle tiny:Wen Pi2 Tang, cure Gu cold between the appetite, for successive years the stomachache leak Xie and rest to make to have no, take a various hot medicine not an effect, proper take first to go to, then adjust to cure easy Cuo.

    Thick and plain(go to thick skin, system) stem the licorice laurel heart(go to skin, disappear fire) attach son(living, go to skin Qi) 15 gram for each greatly yellow 12 gramses(living, ground slice, the soup is 1, Zi half day, Nuo go to Zi, fried soup with Zi next)

    Ascend thin Cuo, water is 500 milliliters, fry 160 milliliters, descend greatly yellow juice to fry 120 milliliters again, go to Zi Cheng go to feet, don't late eat, divide 3 Wen Fu2, from night go to Xiao to make to the utmost.

-《The Pu help skill a square 》winding four


    The Gong is from the Zhang:Cure to leak Xie not only, although go to noodles black, dying, also sign an effect back to living.Also cure a grain don't turn, its effect experiments in response to the hand.

    Aloes wood wood fragrant and male lilac wild pepper officer the laurel stem sand Ren red small each etc. of bean cent
    Totally grind for the end, cook the red date meat is a pill, still with Zao meat dumplings it, again bind by noodles, the Wei is familiar, the rice soup send bottom.The beard sees a fire color, wait black smoke to turn into blue smoke, then take out.
-《Household-use good method 》winding six


    Chen2 Fu4 just:Leak Xie stomachache a strange square.
    Use egg 1, beat a small head one eyelet, go into pepper 7 grains at inside, with paper crest, the paper wraps Wei familiar, the wine sends more an effect.The pepper swallow with don't swallow, don't stick to.
-《Young young integration 》winding three


hot certificate


    Xu2 Xiao3 Zhou:Child diarrhea square:Defend breeze 5 grams, the black plum is 5 grams, the licorice is 5 grams, the balloonflower is 3 grams, the Ge root is 10 grams, living hawthorn 10 grams, malt 10 gram for each in the valley, the hyacinth bean dress is 10 grams and the yellow Qin is 10 grams, the golden thread is 2 grams, and the Chen pomegranate skin is 10 grams.Be applicable to diarrhea course of illness shorter, Xie bottom thin and diluted or the Hui be smelly, the tongue-coating thin white or get fed up with, regardless is six feeling outside the Yins or harm food all proper take.
-《Experience essence of the famous doctor special features 》


    The Gong is from the Zhang:Cure suddenly and violently Xie.
    The son(fry) is an end before the car, the rice soup adjusts to take 6 grams and cure summer autumn suddenly and violently note next force, pure and muddy don't divide rather effect.Falsely Xie Tang Xie, accompany a not proper.
-《Household-use good method 》book a


3, falsely certificate


    Chen2 Fu4 just:Integration the Xie spread and cure long Xie like absolute being, this is square experience be the most.
    Before the car son(green brine fry 7 times)60 grams of white Fu Ling(fry)60 grams of mountain medicines(fry)60 grams of Zhi licorice 18 gram
    It totally is a thin end.Take 6~9 grams each time, fry rice soup to adjust, the black plum soup is better, true the absolute being be square also.


-《Young young integration 》winding three


    Chen2 Tu3 Duo2:The person whole year round drank alcohol, don't know taboo, show off to inebriate into the building, leak Jing too much, the long violent-tempered harm, become water Xie, one feeling cold, hence the big Xie isn't only, like Tang if accumulate, the person think the wine wet Sun Pi also, who know is that the wine is wet to harm a kidney.The square uses a solution Cheng Xie soup.
    White Shu 30 grams of mountain Zhu Yu 30 grams of golden threads with 15 grams of Zuo woods with 30 grams of Fu Lings 0.9 grams of white Shao 15 grams attach son 0.3 grams of with fried water.

-《The dialectics be strange to smell 》winding four


    Li3 Ting3:Even stomach garlic belly pill.The tripe is 1, go to a fat film, go into garlic to fill up, sew by line, use cold water, hot water 7 for each, burn water first to roll, go into belly,

    Cook to water stem for the degree, take out to pound into pulp, go into Cang Shu, Chen2 Pi2, thick and plain 15 gram for each, the Chuan Jiao is few, again Dao go to belly have no silk, square can be pill, Wu son big.Each 6 grams, white soup next.Cure Pi falsely water Xie, then red descend blood etc. disease.The long Li in advance repairs it with this behind, miraculous effect.
-《The medical science enter door 》book seven


    Dong3 Ting2 Yao2:The child leaks the abdominal distension of Xie, falsely many actually little, slice to hate to capture, but the bowel paralyze the disease as the heavy of abdominal distension, the disease belongs to Wei heavy, can't be subjected to a medicine because of its Ou, nasty to external application self-made Wen Qi2 spread(lilac, wood joss-stick, the cinnamon be each 1.5 grams, musk 0.15 gram, totally grind a thin end), use a familiar egg to the hull, to Pou go to Huang, the Na medicine end is at the half the hollow place of the egg white, reply to spread Qi up, outside tie gauze.Can smell a bowel Ming peristalsis after two hours, the Shi spirit Pin turn, even if the Chang stomach be soft, form absolute being Anne with;If didn't turn spirit, spread again once.
-《Experience essence of the famous doctor special features 》


    Xu2 Xiao3 Zhou:External application method.The hull of Ying Su is 5 grams, water is fried to become juice and use gauze is spread in a Qi department after immerse juice, several times 1 day transpose.Be applicable to long Xie not only, slip to leak to have no degree, the stomach is free from Na.The Ying Su hull Se refrain from rash action, external application Qi the department be often valid.
-《Experience essence of the famous doctor special features 》


    Zhang Xi2 Chun2:The Shu Yu chicken son yellow gruel, cure to leak Xie long but the bowel be slippery not solid.Living Chinese yam medicine 500 grams(the Ya be thin to lead), the chicken son is Huang's(cook)3.Use Chinese yam medicine 21~30 grams each time, with cool water adjust into the pot inside, place a stove up, don't stop to stir with the Zhu it, 23 Feis namely become a gruel, take chicken son Huang2 Nie Sui4 and adjust to take in the gruel it.

    One person year is about five Xuns, leak Xie half to don't more carry, Lei's ising weak has already very sent a person to inquire square, the speech frequently postpones to cure to take a medicine, all the very small amount be invalid and teach a gruel square with the Shu Yu, few days again come, the speech take it although effectively check, the Xie is still not only, hence in order to use chicken son Huang a several to cook, take its Huang2 Nie Sui4, adjust to take in the gruel it, twice but more.Cover the achievement of the chicken son Huang2 You3 Se4's large intestine, and more the chicken son be white to easily digest also.This square once uses several times hereafter, all with show results.

-《Three wests in Zhong 》last volume


   Sun Si Miao3:Four thing Liang rice soup, cure little small leak to note.
    The Liang rice rice Shu rice 90 gram for each wax such as bullet big
    Ascend 4 flavors, water is 1000 milliliters and the east cooks Liang rice 3 Feis toward the cooking stove and go to Zi;Reply to cook rice 3 Feis by juice, go to Zi;Reply to cook Shu rice 3 Feis by juice, go to Zi;Moderate it by wax Na juice, the wax eliminates to take to drink it, number try effectively.
-《The daughter want a square 》winding 15


    The Gong court is wise:White ice cream cure internal injury to combine falsely Lao to leak a Xie.
    Big rice 2000 grams of mountain medicine(fry) lotus meat(go to heart) Qian of 1000 grams of glutinous rices actually 120 gram for each
    For the thin end, go into white the sand sugar be 750 grams, stir to make evenly and go into cage to steam familiar, arbitrarily eat it.
-《Ten thousand diseases bring back to life 》book two


    The Gong court is wise:Eight fairy Gaos, cure appetite falsely Sun, leak Xie not only, manage appetite, eliminate food, most the benefit old man's child.
    Zhi 120 grams of solid(go to Rang, the Fu fry) white Shu(Chen2 Bi4 Tu3 fry)s 120 grams of white Fu Ling(go to skin)60 grams of Chen2 Pi2(fry)'s 60 grams do a mountain medicine 120 grams of with 60 grams of hawthorn meat(check)s with 60 grams of lotus meat(go to heart skin) three 30 grams(annoy prosperous sand Ren 30 grams of generations it)

    The top uses a white Geng rice 5000 grams for the end and the glutinous rice is 15000 grams of dozen powders, use honey 1500 grams into the medicine end and mix completely.If do a Gao method, row small piece to steam on the cage first familiar, take out fire to dry, the earthen jar accepts to store to seal solid.Take 3~5 slices of foodses, gargle by white soup.

-《Ten thousand diseases bring back to life 》winding three


    Chen2 Xiu Yuan2:The crust of cooked rice lotus meat sugar spread and cure old young Pi to leak long not more absolute being square.
    Rice crust of cooked rice 120 grams(clean end) of lotus meat 120 grams(go to heart, clean end) of refined sugar 120 gram
    Last republican evenly.Take 3~5 each time, 3 times eat a far on the 1st.
-《Medical science from many record 》book seven


    Zhang Xi2 Chun2:Benefit Pi a round flat cake, cure appetite falsely cold, food decrease, long make to leak Xie, finish a valley not to turn.The white Shu is 120 grams, the stem is 60 grams, the gold in the chicken is 60 grams, familiar Zao meat
250 gram.Last medicine 4 flavors, white gold inside the Shu, chicken all the one who use to living, each time flavor respectively the Ya be thin to bake familiar, again stem the Ya be thin, republican Zao meat, together the Dao be like mire, make a small round flat cake and the Zhi do on the charcoal fire.Hollow hour, be a dessert thin chew to swallow it.Once for friend system this square, with once the medicine anticipate and take it but more several persons.Empress after each try this square, all efficacy.(Cold certificate)
-《Three wests in Zhong 》last volume


    Gu blessing Hua:I suffer from the case of diarrhea to the child, all request to use a fresh pple 12, connect skin to wash clearly, split open to cook soup, put to go into few table salt, give to suffer from son Pin to drink and have good Xie function.
-《Old Chinese medicine experience in Shanghai choose a plait 》


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