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Diet on the treatment of psoriasis with affecting

Updated: Sunday, Oct 18,2009, 2:56:58 PM
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World-renowned Chinese cuisine, on a global scale have a high reputation. Today, the role of diet is no longer a simple nutritional supplement, made to the medical industry, an auxiliary means of treating disease and are increasingly paying attention to people. So, for psoriasis patients, and how in their daily diet conscious and strengthen health, prevent and cure the disease?

The impact of diet on the treatment of psoriasis which

According to TCM theory, dialectical analysis, the existence of psoriasis, "Xuezao, blood heat, blood stasis," the elephant; According to Western medicine perspective, this is due to angle of excessive cell proliferation, metabolic disorder caused by a variety of chemical and biological. Thus, where there are "nourishing, cooling blood, promoting blood circulation" effect or an inhibition of cell DNA synthesis, improvement of microcirculation function in food is of great benefit to both psoriasis.

Take the plate we often eat fruits and drink fruit juice drinks, the ebony, grapefruit, with Qingreliangxue, thirst-quenching Sheng Jin's role, not only rich in vitamins and biological elements, but also can reduce blood lipids, blood viscosity degrees, grapefruit and grapefruit also been proven to inhibit mitotic role in psoriasis and cancer prevention and control of natural health food. Thus, as the summer heat, drink a cup of sour plum drink, at the feast when you add a glass of grapefruit juice on the table, not only Jieshu cooling, to help improve appetite, still unconsciously the role of fitness to achieve disease prevention, would not serve the dual purposes.

Pomegranate husk with the root bark of alkali, or direct transfer paste for external use alum powder coated with dip has long been used for prevention and treatment of psoriasis, are simple and effective. Of course, there are a lot of fruits, vegetables and cereals with a nourishing and moisturizing, heat-cooling blood, activating blood and swelling of the medical role, patients can be selected as appropriate. Psoriasis in patients with eating problems, a long time, As everyone different. Some scholars believe that the Chinese medicine psoriasis is "hot blood" is therefore, in the treatment of more than a "Qingreliangxue" law-based, it holds that all of the spicy vegetable and meat fish and shrimp should avoid certain food types. But experts believe that generalize strict taboos, not only does not alleviate the conditions are not conducive to the rehabilitation of patients with psoriasis.

The old society spring famine season, hill and dale of Sophora japonica L., is often made of rice balls for people to fill their stomachs, everyone knows health Huaihua has Qingreliangxue, Qufeng antipruritic efficacy, it is a good meal in patients with psoriasis. Private long as unilateral, prescription used to treat psoriasis. Legend has grown inside the celestial palace of the Flos Campsis, God bless humanity in order to be sown in the villagers of the window behind the house, its fiery red bloom red. He not only used to watch, as well as the role of promoting blood circulation cooling blood, has been proven to have a preventive effect of psoriasis. Composed of pairs of Sophora japonica L., and Flos Campsis flower soup is a well-known prevention and treatment of psoriasis of the prescription. In addition to the above soup and steamed, it can also porridge, tea, really simple and economic, food and drug pairs concurrently.

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