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DC Bio-immunotherapy is technically mature, legal, security

Updated: Saturday, Oct 17,2009, 2:43:59 PM
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DC Bio-immunotherapy treatment, as a mature technology already in the field of cancer treatment to be widely applied, and chronic hepatitis B DC Bio-immunotherapy therapy in the technical and methodological DC with tumor biological immunotherapy treatment is similar to , domestic companies are also a number of hospitals are in a similar method of treatment of chronic hepatitis B or chronic hepatitis C. Moreover, the clinical treatment of any kind of new technology before widespread clinical application, there is always one from the creation, development and mature large-scale promotion of universal development process.

     Proved over the years, DC Bio-immunotherapy treatment is safe. We and other domestic medical fellow in clinical practice has proven, chronic hepatitis B DC Bio-immunotherapy treatment is safe.

     In addition, we have chronic hepatitis B and other diseases of the DC Bio-immunotherapy treatment technology in the health authorities for the record, received formal permission to clinical application. Price departments have the official price of the treatment programs, but also belongs to health-care treatment programs. That the medical institutions to carry out the clinical treatment technologies, and charge the cost of treatment is entirely legal.

     DC to accept bio-immune therapy will not be infected with other diseases.

     Because only those who have passed the examination before treatment to exclude other infectious diseases (such as AIDS, hepatitis C, syphilis, etc.) of chronic hepatitis B virus infection in order to accept the DC biological immune therapy. Moreover, throughout the DC Bio-immunotherapy during the experiment have strict security safeguards, there can not be confused with the patient's blood specimens or exchange situation.

     In addition, DC biological experiments during the course of immunotherapy in patients with the handling of blood samples were sterile clean benches or biological safety cabinets carried out, and the experiments used in the materials or containers are disposable sterile materials or containers, or through the autoclave processed materials or containers.

     Therefore, the acceptance of DC immunotherapy in patients treated with biological need not to worry about infected with other diseases.

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