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Composition and Modification

Updated: Friday, Oct 16,2009, 11:46:23 AM
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As contracts with various drugs for their compatibility as to be? In addition to differentiation of syndromes, the establishment of therapeutic approaches and the choice of drugs and dosages, it is necessary to preserve the principle of its own Monarch (June), ministers (Chen), adjuvant (Tso) and respect for leadership (DCI), a prescription drug.
Drugs Monarch: an important ingredient in the recipe, she plays a leading role in the treatment or cause syndrome of primary disease. Ministers drug that enhances the therapeutic effect the drug king.
Adjuvant drugs. She refers. ① ingredient to cooperate with the monarch and minister of drugs to improve the therapeutic effect or treatment of diseases or syndromes associated; ② ingredient harsh effects or toxicity of the monarch and the drugs minister, ③ prevents element for flavor and characteristics of these drugs for their own monarch to refuse, but the final game effects of treatment serious diseases caused by excessive pathogenic factors, the patient drugs.
Drugs principles: ① It belongs to the most important ingredient in other drugs to the affected part and ② ingredients that determine the properties of other drugs in the recipe.
Using the example above mahuang Tang explained the policy wording. This recipe from mahuang (Herba Ephedrae) 9 G with Guizhi (twigs namomi CIN) 6 G, Xingren (Simon Armniacae amarum) 6 g, and Gancao (Radix Glycyrrhizae) 3G is used to treat syndrome with external surpluses because the state of pathogenic wind-cold , aversion to cold, fever, marked headache, pain, lack of sweating, asthma, thin and whitish fur, and superficial and tense pulse. The syndrome is caused by exogenous wind cold. Their leader is a syndrome of attack in the cold wind on the surface, to facilitate monitoring of pulmonary qiThus therapy for the repatriation of foreign cold syndrome, and movement of relief supplies lung qi is used to alleviate asthma. In the first two ingredients in this recipe are present in the acute and hot in real estate can help cool the disk to the external syndrome. But mahuang (Herba Ephedrae) performance with a great mixture and a radical cure dealWith monarch cause of the disease and the syndrome of the head (twigs cinnamomi) is used to help mahuang (Herb Epheadrae) causes perspiration to dissipate the cold and expel the pathogenic factors and functions as a drug - Minister. Xingren (Simon armeniacae amarum) acts as an adjuvant agent to increase the function of a more negative Qi to stop cough and relieve asthma and is specifically designed for the treatment of accompanying symptoms. The final ingredient in this recipe can be used as a mediator medicinal properties, on the one hand, membership in a drug-drug principles of teaching. On the other hand, this mild flavor and sweetness in the property sector and can be excessive sweat during the first two components of induced mitigate sharp and warm in nature, it is at the same time that the drug is an adjuvant.
Here is a summary of the development of the above formula:
This principle of formation of the order means that the medication to their importance in force in accordance with the monarch, minister, assistant and head of the drug. In addition, the drug in a prescription related to each other - the monarch and the Minister for Drugs to cooperate with each other, the drug inhibits an adjuvant, or contact with the monarch and the Minister of drugs, with the full effects of prescription through an additional person or relationship. In addition, each recipe is not always the monarch, ministers and lead adjuvant drugs, or all four elements play a unique role in the recipe. Thus, the composition of the monarch, ministers and the auxiliary guide preparations depends on the therapeutic needs. Although the monarch drug is important, a recipe that does not mean that necessarily follows that the three remaining elements should be included in the recipe. If the drug has a sufficient force of the monarch, the Minister of drugs will not be included in the recipe. If the first two components are not toxic and sharp equipment, auxiliary means are required. When the drugs, the syndrome can be treated with the head to get to those sections that are not drugs of Directors. Some drugs, the Minister may have a function of the drug in the adjuvant same time to make certain drugs for the adjuvant management of drugs, for example, Gancao (Radix Glycyrrhizae) in Tang mahuang guide itself, but to function simultaneously as an adjuvant drug. Thus, it should in principle not be applied mechanically.
Prescription drugs, in principle, compatible special effects and action. They interact with each other and interfere. Thus, they form a coherent whole with strict compatibility, that a significant therapeutic effect.

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